February 7, 2011

The Pub/Club and Deciding Circle Lenses

So, last Saturday I went to the club with my boyfriend Hyo, and my friends Yannick and Anna.
For once I did my make-up! Yay! I need to kick my lazy butt!
I'm sorry about my hair though, didn't have time to fix it properly T_T
I'm just so sad I didn't have time to take any photos of my outfit :( I really liked it!
Before going to the club we had some wine and beer at the pub nearby, it was really nice!
I like this photo a lot. It's possible sometimes to take good photos with my camera, but I'm actually starting to think about getting a better one.

I had so much fun! I hardly go out these days, haha, that sounded a bit depressing, but what to do when it's just bad weather everyday?

By the way, I'm thinking of getting new circle lenses, but I have a hard time deciding which one I should buy!
I've been looking at so many review now, but I still can't choose!
What eye color would you like to see me wear?



  1. Cute looks *Q*
    What about light pink or violet lenses? :3

  2. I'm glad you could do your makeup again, because you always look so lovely! You did a great job with the makeup, oh I need to practice more myself haha.

    You look great with every color lens!

  3. Aaaw, thanks sweetie! <3 No need to be jelly! You're already gorgeous!
    I think it might be violet! *__*

  4. Thanks hun! Please do~! *__* that would be awesome! ♥
    It's not! Not always, I only post when I'm satisfied with it ^___^

  5. Thank you! ♥
    I think it might be violet *___*

  6. Thank you~♥
    Yeah, that would be cool! *__*

  7. Aaw, thanks sweetie! ♥ I always feel that I can get better so it's a never ending practice, hahaha xD

    Aaw ♥♥

  8. Thank you~!♥

    I'd love to try green lenses! *___*

  9. Hi, u are so cute... where was that photo taken? Because the beer - Starobrno, comes from my city called "Brno" in Czech Republic :D and i definitely didn't know it was that popular!

  10.  Hi! Thank you so much! ^___^ It's taken in a bar in Sweden :) It is popular! :D I love it! It's so good!


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