February 4, 2011

Shopping in Osaka - Gyaru Stores

I've wanted to do this post a since looong time ago, but I forgot about it some how.
since I took some picture when I was shopping in Osaka I want to show you some of the gal stores I discovered during my stay.
(Click on the pictures to make them larger!)

When walking on the Shinsaibashi street, which is a shopping street with roof, I discovered a several stores!

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By the way, do you see anything different in this photo? ^___^

I'll mention some of the store I found, but if you walk on this street you'll find many different nice stores. Even stores that has nice gal items but is not necessary a gal style store.

Here's L.D.S and Love Boat on Shinsaibashi street.
I realized that almost all stores in Osaka was way spacious than the stores in Tokyo. I guess it's probably because Tokyo grounds are very expensive.

This store is pretty cool! Rote Rosa is a brand that doesn't have stores in Tokyo, but their style kind of reminds me of Cocolulu.
So cute and colorful in a surf/beach style.

INGNI on the same street. They also have a store in Shibuya 109.

When I saw this outfit on the mannequin I wanted it so badly. 
Too bad I didn't have time to go inside. 

Next to Body Line (which you just can't miss) you'll find this accessory store.
Walk inside and then you'll see the stairs which leads to Prisila wigs store. It's a bit hidden so I thought it needed explanations.

When I did my nails at the nail salon in Osaka I asked the manicurist if you knew if there was a Shibuya 109 in Osaka, she looked very gal so I thought she might know. She told me then that there's no Shibuya 109, but there's another shopping complex that contains almost the same gal stores.
It's called OPA!
Inside you'll find gal brands like Golds Infinity, Emoda, Murua, Egoist, MA*RS, Delyle etc

Here's for example Lip Service in OPA.

And Rienda!

If I remember this correctly, OPA is located on the big street that goes parallel to the Shinsaibashi street with roof. I guess google maps are the best way to explain this!

And behind OPA you'll find JSG and SBY and some other stores.
I really enjoyed shopping in Osaka. The people are so friendly, the stores are spacious and it's not too crowded!

And about my first photo, did you notice these gals?
I gathered courage and asked them if I could take a picture with them. They were so gorgeous! Their hair were so amazing!

If possible, I'd love to go back to Osaka again.

If you have any questions about shopping in Osaka, feel free to ask me!

A new Shibuya 109 shopping mall opened in April 2011!
More information on the link below:



  1. Oh, how I love Osaka, and especially Shinsaibashi! I've spent many nights there, haha! I'm moving to Tokyo this march,and I'll def visit Osaka again.
    And those gals have such a mori mori hair, love it:D

  2. Ahhhh the nostalgia! Loooove Osaka; it's easily my favourite city in Japan... but maybe I'm based since I lived there. ^^; Thanks for taking me back for a bit ;)

  3. Love it! ♥ I think I would enjoy shopping more there too just because I like to have room to walk around in, haha XD The stores definitely don't look as packed as 109!
    Adorable last photo too~ I agree, those girls have awesome hair ♥

  4. T0T LOOK AT THAT MOUNTAIN OF HAIR. Ohhh, I would love to have that style of the girl on the right especially.
    Thanks for the tour ^o^ ! Is there anything unique to Osaka you especially like more than Tokyo?

  5. Oh I wish I would have known about and liked gyaru back when I was in Osaka, I missed out on so much good shopping TT I was literally staying like 5 minutes away from Shinsaibashi!

    Its great you got the courage to ask for the photo because it's a very cute shot!

  6. heeey レベッカ!
    this is Fumi.
    Are you in Japan?

  7. Hi Fumi! :D
    No I'm not in Japan now :(
    Hopefully I'm going back this summer, but I'm not sure yet.

  8. Naaw, thank you Ken, but I don't think so, hahaha :D

  9. This post is so informative and interesting!! And highly relevant for me, as I am going to visit Osaka for one week this October~ I was JUST wondering about wether or not there was a 109- like shopping complex in Osaka, and where to find gyaru brands, now I know, thanks to you!! :D **happy**

  10. where did you get your nails done? i am living in osaka right now, and i wanted to find a salon which specializes in huge, model-nails! but i haven't had much luck.

  11. A Shibuya 109 opened in April 2011!


  12. Thank you so much for your updated information! :3


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