February 10, 2011

Trend: Vintage/Retro Gal

So lately I've been hooked on Vintage and Retro gal. Maybe it's because I'm getting a feel for spring and I want the snow to go a way so that I can just wear something light, bright and spring-ish.
I've seen a lot of nice coordinates and it has made my fall in love with Vintage/Retro. I'm thinking of frills, earthy colors, dots, brown leather and flowers. Mitsu also made a blog entry introducing Retro Girly Gal.
Let me show you want I mean!

Here are some photos I found on Tumblr, so I really don't know the original source.

First outfit up!
I totally adore this coordinate!
Loose blouse, dot skirt combined with a thin belt. 
I need to get a thin belt!

Akaharu in a simple but oh, so adorable outfit!
Again the dots, the loose blouse with bow. 
I love the combination that she did with the marine shorts. I need to try something like this!

Wei Son from Popsister in a vintage mix.
 I like it a lot! It's a bit boyish, but still very cute!

Here's A Tune with a very cute outfit!
(I hope it's okay that I post her pic here, if not, please let me know!)
 I'm still in love with the over-sized knit trend!

So recently I've had my eyes open for vintage items!
Here's what I bought!
The shoes are wonderful! Just 200kr and they're in leather! I bought them on sale from Bianco Footwear.
The tartan bow is from Monki and the blue headband is from Cubus. (The pocket watch is not new, just thought it looked nice together, haha).

I'm my next post I'll show you my vintage inspired outfit!



  1. Retro gal is so cute!!!!!! The first outfit is too adorable!!! *___*

  2. Love the style and ohhhhh, I miss Monki so bad!!! Loving the shoes too, look very authentic - almost true vintage. ^^

  3. Victoryintro.blogg.seFebruary 10, 2011 at 12:37 PM

    lite off topic men du är med i gyaru secrets

    scrolla ner så hittar du dig själv.

  4. I enjoy the vintage style as well! I LOVE that last coord photo!! The oversize knit is definitely an awesome trend<3.

  5. just det, det var ju dem skorna du köpte, jättesöta!

    btw, vi borde fånga strutsar o färga dem gula XD

  6. i love the flower print on the shorts! but personally when it comes to knits, i prefer when they are a bit longer! (or at least, the "a bit too short shirt" look does NOT look good on -me- >__<) and yay i have the same bow from monki ^^

  7. Great shoes bb~! ♥ They totally fit in with the vintage trend too~
    I have to say I'm loving this style for spring too, because it's not TOO frilly but still has all those girly elements ♥ Can't wait to see what coordinates you come up with!

  8. Vintage is really hot and we all can be very happy that it will be so "in" this year :3
    I fell in love with mille fleur,too and bought some nice thingies yet tihiii^^

  9. vintage & retro trend is really something i like! :D can't wait the spring to come~ i loved all the outfits you had collected here, i had already seen the first one earlier and immediately fell in love with it, just gorgeous. ♥

  10. Same here! It's awesome! <3

    Me too! I'd love to wear something like that! :3

    Thanks cutie~! ^___^

  11. I think I've heard about those names! It's cute how they name it as cute old lady and cute old man, haha, I like it!

  12. Monki is one of my favorite stores! <3
    I think so too~! I'm so lucky to have found these!

  13. Jo, jag såg det :P vet inte om man ska ta det positivt eller vad? XD

  14. Visst är de?^^

    Jaa, verkligen! Tycker jag med! :D

  15. Aren't they?!♥♥♥
    I feel exactly the same way! :D
    Aaw, cutie!♥

  16. Yes, I'm very happy! And I'm surprised that I fell in love with it now!
    I need to buy some more flowery printed items!♥

  17. Me too! ♥ Me neither! I'm so sad that it snowed a lot today again T_T I want it to go away! :(
    It is! *__*

  18. Yes it will be the style of spring, its so smart of you to be buying clothing for spring now XD

  19. I just can't help myself, I'm longing for spring so much! XD

  20. I saw some really cute vintage gyaru outfits in happy nuts magazine last month. I really like that look, its like sophisticated but cute!


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