February 10, 2011

Vintage Gal Inspired

Hey guys!
The day before yesterday I met my friend Malin to hang out and go shopping.
As you may have read in my last entry I've been very inspired by vintage gal lately! So here's what I could come up with at the moment with the things I had at home!
I know it's not purely vintage, but I thought it was really cute with my new shoes and all. I also tried to do a fishbone braid, but I think I need to practice more, haha! I've noticed that I use this knit A LOT! It's actually one of my favorite wear.

Me and Malin here, 
and yes, it's the underwear section. 
We found a lot of underwear on sale!

And my simple make-up~



  1. Love your hair and make-up ^^
    Really nice outfit! also those shoes are really cute :D

  2. No words, too cute!!! *___* I love your loose sweater and how well it matches that plaid skirt!! You totally rock vintage style!!!

  3. i love your simple make up....so sweet..

  4. Ah I already posted this question to Monica but now that I found you I can ask it directly from u.Please share the info where did you buy that knit?It's EXACTLY what I've been looking for and it's super hot!! I got to have it.Thanks already!

  5. I check the website i bought it from and it seems that the grey on is sold out, but there's still a black one here: http://nelly.com/se/kl%C3%A4der-f%C3%B6r-kvinnor/kl%C3%A4der/tr%C3%B6jor/stickade-tr%C3%B6jor/

    It's actually one of mu favorite knits at the moment! i love it so much! <3

  6. Thank you so much!.So it's from nelly's and not such a bad price either.I assume it's that darma short sweater?.Yea it looks totally fabulous so no wonder you love it!. I got to order it now before the spring is here and it gets too hot to wear it. Thanks for the info, u saved my day :)

  7. Yes, it is! ^___^ I love Nelly.com, they have really nice things for a good price. We still have snow here in Sweden so it's still nice to wear it :)
    No prob! <3


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