March 17, 2011

Sugar Candy Violet - Circle Lens Review

Sorry for my absent of posts recently, I've been very very busy going to practice at an elementary school and these days I've been following the news all my spare time. You probably didn't miss what happened in Japan last week. I've been quite emotionally unstable because of it so I didn't feel like blogging at all for a while, but now that I know my friends are safe I feel better.


Finally I did the review I should have done a few weeks ago!
I formed a partnership with and got some lenses sponsored to make a review.

You may have seen my wearing them in my last posts.

And I made a review on them in a video on my Youtube channel.

Sugar Candy Violet
Brand: Dueba
Diameter: 14.5mm

They are very comfortable! But I still need to use eye drops once in a while.

The color show up really well, but still not too much.

I'm so in love with these lenses! They are so cute! They make my eye look huuge~ the color blends in well with my own eye color because of the faded design. The black ring makes my eyes look very dolly.

Even though this is a sponsored post, I always express my honest opinions.



  1. Those lenses look so lovely!

    Love it!

    And what kind of lipstick you wearing?


  2. They do! *___* I love them too! ♥

    I'm wearing Melty Nude in color nr 3 by CANMAKE

  3. They look even prettier IRL on you :D

  4. They suit you very well!! :D

  5. The lenses look so lovely on you (*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆
    You look like a doll ❤

  6. Ahhh you are so sweet! Awesome review :3

  7. Wow you are so lovely and cute ! *__* I follow you !!

  8. These look so gorgeous on you ♥ Violet lenses really make your eyes pop!

  9. You are beautiful~! Those lens really look nice ~ I want to buy some now ^^

  10. they look great! super cute :3 thanks for the review! i have only used one other type of lense company so i might try dueba sometime~!!

  11. cute!!! i like that color too!!!! *3* you look really nice by the way~ n_n

  12. They look really great against your natural colour *0*!

  13. I was thinking on getting a violet lenses, and honestly, these lenses look great on you, can i ask for your advice? my eyes are some... blue green, do you think that this lenses will look nice on me as well? I've already get three pairs of circle lenses and I still disappointed. I really would appreciate any suggestion.
    Thank you becci!

  14. I'm happy you think they do, I really like them!<3

  15. Thank you! I'm totally in love with them! *___*

  16. Thank you! I'm happy you like it! ^___^

  17. Thank you! Thanks for following me~!♥

  18. Thanks sweetie! I love them to bits! *___*

  19. Aaw, thank you~! <3 They're awesome, aren't they? :3

  20. Thank you! you're welcome, it was fun doing it! ^___^ Yes, why not?

  21. I saw that you got the pink ones! They look awesome on you! ♥
    Thanks hun ♥

  22. I was afraid that they's look weird, but I'm happy with the result :3

  23. Usually these lenses are made to work on dark eyes, but some circle lenses look good (or even better) on bright eye color. I'm not sure how these would look like on your eyes, hmm, it's hard to tell. They are pretty bright so I think they'd look brighter on your eyes, probably.
    I have a friend with green/blue eyes who wears them in brown, and they look awesome on her. But i'm not sure about the purple ones. Hmm, it's difficult!
    I'm sorry I could give you better answer than this :/

  24. lowest price with hight quality garuntee..
    looking for circlr lens please go to and sign up for member price.:)


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