March 19, 2011

Super Full Moon

Last night Me and Hyo went to our friends to drink some wine and a couple of beers. All week I've been very dressed down so I was really looking forward to wear something nice again~

And here's my outfit of the night.
Pretty classy, right? ☆ 
I got the dress from my friend and I haven't been able to wear it yet. I reeeally like it!
And my quick make-up!
I think I'm getting pretty fast at doing my make-up!

Next time I promise to post some more photos from the meet-up in Norway. There are so many photos to go through and edit so it'll take time.

Okay, Saturday tonight, but I'll be home chillin'. The moon is brighter than ever~☆
What did/will you do this weekend?



  1. You look gorgeous, as always ( />.<)/~<3
    I'm afraid it's going to be only studying for next weeks matriculation examination this week end ( ;____; )

  2. Din gyaru-sminkning är så otroligt fin! Ögonen ser helt otroliga ut :3

  3. Naaw <3
    I wish you good luck then! Fighto!

  4. Tycker du det?! Tack så mycket! X3

    I love this coordinate soooooo much ^_____^ you pull off black and white so perfectly I'm so jealous! Totally classy yet so stylish!

  6. Your outfit + makeup looks great coordinated together!
    not too flashy and yet not too underdressed ^_^ i love it~!

  7. I usually don't like "non-natural" colors, but you totally made me change opinions about the lenses when I saw you wearing them here! You look totally nice with them!

  8. Your style is becoming so otona! It really suits you. I love the verticle strip shirt, its really bold and cool, that look is great XD I'm glad you had the chance to really dress up again, because I love seeing your coordinate photos ^^

  9. I love love that striped shirt of yours ♥ Such a cool & versatile piece!

  10. you're always so pretty <3 love your outfit! very classy :)

  11. quick makeup?? omg i wish i looked THAT good if i did my makeup quickly ><
    nice coordinate~ it looks classy and the belt adds a nice touch ^^

  12. WOW honey~ *3* look super sexy !!! love the oufit!!!

  13. Hej!
    Becci jag undrar när det kommer vara gyaru träff här i Sverige för att jag skulle vilja komma nån gång :).
    Hihi, hittade din blogg på Swedish Gal's eller nåt hihi :3.
    Hoppas du kan svara så snart som möjligt kram/ Jummi <3


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