April 11, 2011

Birthday Party at a Korean Restaurant

Lately I haven't really had any inspiration to blog. I'm sorry guys! And this weekend I sent my time at home doing nothing but sleeping and watching dramas because I was sick with a fever. But today I'm starting to feel much better and I think I might be going to school tomorrow.


So last weekend I spontaneously went to Stockholm to celebrate my brothers and my friends birthday. They had booked a huge room at a Korean restaurant called Namkang (남강). The rooms was amazing because it had many tables and each table had a built-in-BBQ AND the room contained karaoke with updated English, Japanese and Korean songs! How amazing isn't that!?

So here's me and Bella waiting for our food to arrive.
(Sorry for the derp-face) I didn't put much energy on my hair that day, so, nothing amazing really...

Amanda and Stina who sat across the table.
Both always looking cute and stylish!

Me and Bella shared an appetizer.
It's called Mandu and it's a Korean dumpling stuffed with vegetables and meat. It was really delicious!

Kohta and Kotaro at the table. It was nice meeting them again!
We sang Ai Uta by Greeeen together. It was really fun!

Since it was a Korean restaurant we just had to drink Soju.

Me and Amanda demonstrating how real women should be drinking!
Not to disappoint you, but the bottles were empty, I just really liked this photo~

I think we were almost 30 people in that room!
I ♥ BBQ!

Later on we went to a place to party!
My brother ordered drinks to us all! 
(and I realized that I didn't have any good pictures of him..)

I had so much fun this evening!!!



  1. What blush are you wearing? O_O" It's SOOO pretty!

  2. aaaw crap my hide-nose-plan didnt go very well XDD
    anyway this was soo one of the best night out lately! when i came home in the morning i was still all genki :'D

  3. It's actually an eyeshadow by Make Up Store in color Sephia :3

  4. Hahah, daaw, but I don't think... aah, whatever XD you won't listen to my anyways, haha
    I think so too~! I had soo much fun! I'm happy that I got to hang out with you Panda! <3

  5. Wow there's Korean resturants in your area? You're so lucky! ;____;
    Lookin' great btw :D

  6. It's not in my city, but there are a few in Stockholm :)
    Thank you~! <3

  7. Ser ut som ni hade roligt. Att mat ser så bra.

  8. Please don't say you didn't put effort into your hair because it looks so much better than my hair ever looks XD

    It look like such a great party, parties are so fun when there are many people and good food.

    I'm glad to hear you are feeling better and I hope you will be 100% better soon!

  9. aww look like you had so much fun! wish one day we could all chill and have tons of fun! *3*

  10. you don't even have to put in any energy = = you always look great seriously!!
    i love korean bbq and that's so cool how there's karaoke inside too, they should do that for all korean bbq restaurants!! it would be so fun and delicious at the same time :D
    hope you feel better soon! take care of yourself~ ^^

  11. you look really beautiful dear ^^

  12. Glad to hear that you're recovering from your fever!! I think I'm starting to come down with something... Or it might just be allergies. Either way, it's annoying. U.U

    But wow, that restaurant sounds amazing! Especially because it has the perk of a karaoke system. xD And you looked gorgeous, btw!! I think your hair looks nice wavy like that. ♥


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