April 19, 2011

Small Meet-up in Stockholm

Last weekend Hyo and I went to a small gyaru meet-up in Stockholm. The meet-up was very relaxed mixed with people who is into gal style and who is curious about it. It was really fun!
The day started of with a picnic~

Click to enlarge!

The weather was soo nice! I'm so happy that it's finally spring!
Dominique and me.

I wore ethnic/bohemian style. I was really pleased with my outfit!
Me and Veronica.
Outfit rundown:
Top: Bikbok
Jeans: Ginatricot
Shoes: Monki
Scarf: H&M

Only Swedish clothes this time! :D
My nails of the weekend was also a little bit ethnic inspired~

The girls!
Stina, Laura and Emi!

Hyo and Eivind looking really cool! 
I'm so happy Eivind was able to come all the way from Norway. It was nice meeting him again! ^___^

Silly pose!
Who's idea was it anyways? Haha, I can't remember! XD

Later on we had a party at Kohta's place with some Japanese food.
Here's Amanda (who came kater to the party), me and Veronica.

I had lots of fun this night and the food was great! Kohta and he's friends made Kareraisu and Okonomiyaki.
Hide, me and Kohta.

Gals who arrived later to the party.

Before the party I made Diana's hair and make-up.
She was really pleased with it which made me very happy! ^___^ I think gal style really suit her!

Amanda and Eivind at the party. 
I love amandas outfit~!


The next day everyone was kind of hung-over so some of us went downtown to hang out before Hyo and I had to go home again.
Hyo and Eivind.

Us girls~
Yeah, I know, I was wearing the same clothes, I didn't bring that much with me.
Me, Amanda and Emi.

There was a second hand market and we found this book.
 Eivind with "Torsk på Norsk" (Codfish in Norweigan). I thought it was funny XD 

This is my favorite photo of the bunch!
Both Koreans, but Hyo from Sweden and Eivind from Norway, hahah

I had so much fun this weekend! I hope to meet you all again soon~!



  1. Hahah, Torsk på norsk!! So funny! And the fish looks sort of serious which makes the "joke" even better!

    You look great! I'm loving the scarf <3

  2. everyone looks great and it looked like a lot of fun ^^
    great outfit as always! i love your nails too, they look simple but still very stylish~

  3. Wow, those nails are awesome!
    Jättesnygg outfit :)

  4. OMG! My eyes are like O_O
    It was great to see you again~

  5. Wow is there any style you can't do?! you look amazing as always xx

  6. aaaaaah my posing when drunk!! and hungover! its amazing lol :D

    apart from that BEST MEET EVER! everyone was so fabulous! <3 <3 this needs to be done again soon, and like marcus said on the forum, maybe on a boat??? oh yeah :D

  7. You all look great! Awesome photos ♥

  8. yayy i'm glad you could make it this weekend <3 and your ethnic style was great!

  9. Ser ut som kul! Du ser väldigt söt och jag älskar naglarna!

    (hope my Svenska is okay, i am working hard on it!)

  10. omg I love your outfits/nails! They look soo nice! I just love your style and soon we have to skype again ne :D Im saving money money so I can start buying the makeup for you ne :D

  11. Mio and Eivind look so cool! : D

  12. Aw, so cute! This looked like such a lovely meet up! ^^

    I like your Bohemian style! It's really very nice! Normally when I think of Bohemian, I think of hippie-ish stuff but this looks wonderful!

  13. you look amazing as usual! that style really suits you.

  14. you are super kawaii!!!^_^ your outfit and nailart is really cute :3

  15. I saw these photos on FB, it looks like such a fun meeting! And the weather seemed good for it too, great sunshine^^ You really stand out in the crowd with your beautiful boho outfit, I really like those coral and teal colors this season! Amanda's outfit was great too, and you did a lovely job on Diana's hair and makeup. I agree she would make such a cute gyaru^^

  16. WOW!!!! cool pics! looks like u had so much fun!!! want to join you guys someday~ Anyways your outfit is too cute!

  17. Seems like you had really so much fun! Wish I could have been there^^
    You need to have many meetups in the future ne~

  18. låter som att gal meet up in sthlm var kul får se om gal meet up in gbg blir lika kul :)

  19. Åh, I would love to go on a gal meet-up someday!
    Sounds awesome!
    Kram / Miko

  20. OMG! My eyes are like O_O
    It was great to see you again~

  21. OMG! My eyes are like O_O
    It was great to see you again~


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