May 14, 2011

BBQ Party in Stockholm

I'm so so sorry guys! I've been really bad at blogging lately! Someone has even asked me to blog more.
I don't know, lately I haven't really had any inspiration to blog. Maybe I'm putting too much pressure on what to blog about, because lately I've been thinking about whether I should post party photos or not. Do you think  I should?

I also feel very uninspired for some reason about fashion and my own style. I don't know why it's like this... I hope I get my inspiration back soon.


Anyways, I'm posting some party pics now since I don't know what to blog about. Sorry! >_<

So last weekend I went to Stockholm again to meet my brother and attend at a BBQ party that was held for my Japanese friend Maki who was visiting Sweden again.

Since I was too tired and uninspired my outfit wasn't anything to brag about.
But here's a photo of me and my friend Teppo who wears Lolita fashion. She's so cute!
I think Lolita fashion suits her perfectly~ 

Marcus, me and Sofia in the sunlight.
It's so lovely outside now! I'm so in love with the weather these days!

I met some new and old friends at the party.

Nicole and me.
She's too cute!

After a while I took out my circle lenses to show my friend how I look like with out them

Here's me and my friend Maki.
She was only staying in Sweden for 1 week, but I was happy to meet her again!

Me and Stina.
Her new circle lenses are really cool, they look good on her!

By the way, everyone! I received new circle lenses that I'm going to make a review on soon.

Stay tuned~!



  1. I like your party pictures! So please do!! :3  and yay~ Can't wait for your circle lense review! ^ ^

  2.  Lookin' amazing! I really like your eyes <3

  3.  I like your shorts:)We must meet next time you are in stockholm!

  4.  Aw glad to see you're having fun with your friends! ^^ I think any post, regardless of what it is, will be great! I think that we all enjoy reading your blog so you can't go wrong, dear!

    I love the fur on the coat of your loli wearing friend! Super cute!

  5. Oh don't stress about what to post, it's your personal blog so you can write anything! I think your party photos are fun because I don't party myself XD

  6.  You look lovely.

    I can't wait to see the review on your new lenses ^_^.

  7.  Okay, I didn't know people liked them, but I will continue with them then ^___^ Thank you! <3

  8.  They're great, aren't they? ^__^ We should! :3

  9. Really? Thank you! ^___^ But if not, please tell me and I'll try to make less posts about those kind of subjects :)

    Me too! It looks great! <3 

  10.  Thank you, Sara Mari~! ^___^ Maybe you're right! I'm happy you like them!

  11.  Thank you! ^___^

    I'll try to do it as soon as possible! <3

  12. Awh, Becci I'm sure you'll get your inspiration back soon ♥ That happens to me sometimes too, so I definitely know how you feel. You look lovely as usual though~ I love your skirt!


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