May 25, 2011

Geo Coco Eye Brown (x-tra flower) - Circle Lens Review

Hey guys!
Recently I made another circle lens review, this time on Coco Eye in brown by Geo.

In the case they look like this:
Left is up and right is upside down.

Me wearing them with flash:

Check out my video review!

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Brand: Geo
Diameter: 15mm

They are not the most comfortable lenses I've tried, but still not the most uncomfortable lenses.

The color doesn't change much, but this it's a brown lens on brown eyes so I don't think it's too bad.

They really make my eyes look bigger, but can look too big without make-up. The design is cute while still looking quite natural.

They look very beautiful and give my eyes a dolly effect, so are you looking for big circle lenses you will be satisfied. Are you looking for a color change these lenses may not be for you if you have brown eyes like me.

Feel free to ask questions if you wonder about something!



  1. wow those were really cool on *_* i thought it'd look kinda weird with a flower pattern but it doesnt, its just really cute and effectful!

  2. I think they are very pretty!
    But they are kinda too dark!
    Great post!!

  3.  Ohhh lovely! The lense has such a cool pattern!

  4. These have a really cute design, they look nice on you~ 

  5. Those are really lovely. I like how subtle the flower effect is. 

  6. wow!!!! really nice! you look wonderful as always~ n__n

  7. Ahaha, what a cute video ♥ I like your voice!!

    Thanks for sharing this review, I thought about getting brown cirlcles because they do look natural...these ones seem to be pretty great ♥

  8. They look really pretty! ♥ & omg I love your accent!

  9. Awh, you're so cute! Liked the music too, haha <3 I  think the design on these is very nice and I probably would've gotten them - but with my ultra-sensitive eyes I think they'd be too uncomfortable...! D: 


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