May 4, 2011

Natural Make-up

 Lately I've been thinking about if it's possible to look gal without false lashes and/or circle lenses.
These thought came up when I started to think that I need to stop wearing the circle lenses too much because I'm afraid of hurting my eyes. Another thing that made me think about it is that ever since I started to do gyaru make-up I've felt that my own eyes ain't as pretty as when they're dolled up with false lashes and circle lenses.

Here's one of my favorite gyaru model Sayako Ozaki  wearing her regular gyaru make-up.

Here's her again without false lashes and circle lenses still looking very cute.
 Does she look gyaru to you?
Maybe it's a bad example since her style here in general is very toned down, even her hair.
Gyaru or not, I really like both of the make-up styles and she looks good either way.

I wish I could look as cute as her with "natural"-make-up.
So recently I've been trying out make-up to see if I still look gyaru without false lashes and circle lenses and still feel like I can look as pretty as I feel with them.
Hmm, I'm still not convinced...

What do you think about this?



  1. You're really pretty without them. Your eyes are still so big and dolly-like.
    I like it :)

  2. whoaa sayako ozaki is suuuper beautiful! o_o
    though she looks more ulzzang than gyaru in natural mode.

    you may not look exactly gyaru without the lenses and lashes ( because hands down, these are the keypoints) but you still look pretty.
    And as long as your outfit is as stylish and gyaru as always, then i think it works too :)

  3. becci chan you look good without the lenses and lashes! YOu still look gal to me ne :PPP love youuur look becci and your hair gurl is soo nice and stylish :D how did ou do that?
    xoxo emimarie

  4. I was thinking the same.. Even though I don't have circle lenses, I really wanna look as Gyaru as I can but that's only possible with dramatic makeup. Sucks really D:
    I think you look really pretty with natural make up :D

  5. I think you can look gyaru with natural makeup, but it depends on how well you do the makeup + presentation also! ^^

  6. I agree with みか☆ちゃん ~ I think it really is just about your attitude & the styling of your clothes & hair that can still achieve the gal look without the falsies/lenses. I think Sayoko definitely still looks gal there ♥

  7. For me, with the way gal makeup has evolved, its really hard to look gal without lens or lashes. Without them, a girl would look like any other girl, even if she is wearing gal brand and huge hair, without gal make I can't see a gal :P

    The girl you posted, without her lens and lash looks like a pretty office lady haha.
    The picture of you without lens and lash is just pretty becci
    Even when I don't wear lash and lens I wouldn't say im in gal style

  8. I think you look pretty with natural make-up! And it makes you look more mature. (^-^) With hairstyle and coordinate you can still be very gal even without circle lenses and false lashes I think. When I used more make-up on my eyes I felt naked without it too, when I started to use more natural make-up again. I'm sure you'll get used to natural make-up when you wear it more often and I think you'll feel pretty with it when you are used to it. =)
    (sry cant exrpess myself in english today somehow... hope you know what i mean xD)

  9. You are very pretty, but no gyaru :( fuck ! we can't avoid them finally !!

  10. I think you look cute without all the fake stuff, and so does Sayako, but I'm not sure if it's really GYARU. For me, gyaru is about striking looks, but that doesn't mean that one couldn't be gyaru while occasionally wearing less stuff on face! One could say it's like "today I didn't do gyaru makeup, yesterday I did". Not sure what'll happen in the future of gyaru though, the natural makeup style has become pretty popular (for example, comparing Yumachi and Kumickey), so idk if it'll tone down even more. I think the point of gyaru makeup kinda disappears if it becomes super natural.

    But anyhow, not gyaru doesn't mean not cute! I think you look different, but as cute as you do with lots of makeup! It's just the matter of your own taste, and of course if you feel like you're damaging your eyes, you probably shouldn't use circle lenses for a little while. ^^ I had that kind of feeling once too, and I didn't use them for a while and the feeling went away!

  11. i love sayoko ozaki~ i have seen other gyaru models with natural makeup and they still look gyaru to me but it is largely about how they present themselves too. most of them still wear circle lenses with their natural makeup is really hard to say...but i know if i don't wear falsies with circle lenses, i end up looking ulzzang ><
    i think maybe the fact that i've seen sayoko before as gyaru makes her look gyaru in the second pic, but if i were to see her like in the second pic first, i wouldn't even think she was gyaru =/
    and i know how you feel about thinking your eyes aren't pretty without falsies and lenses :( i was warned by one of my friends that if i start wearing circle lenses, i will never be able to stop, i know what she means now :(

  12. It would be extremely difficult to pull off, I'm sure.
    But why does it absolutely have to be Gyaru at all times? It's nice to go all out when going out with friends or heading to a party, but it would be so impractical to do so when all you've got planned is going grocery shopping, or if you're going to work and you don't work at some trendy clothing store. I think even most of those Gyaru models we look to must go out in everyday makeup sometimes, they just don't take tons of photos of it, since, well, they're Gyaru, and people want to see them most in Gyaru mode.

  13. dear, you are beautiful as you are:)

  14. You do look good just the way you are, but I do have to say it is hard to look gyaru without the lashes and lensen~

  15. I think you can definitely look good without a ton of makeup! I used to put on a lot of gyaru make up and stuff but... i've become convinced that I just look better with a bit of eyeliner... um but that might just be because I am too lazy every morning to do the lenses and the falsies so i've just convinced myself that is the case XD!

    I think you looked gorgeous in this post:

    I don't know about looking gyaru without a lot of make up though... I really do think gyaru is defined by its eye-makeup.

  16. some has already mentioned the same that it isnt that easy to look gyaru without all those stuff such as contacts and fake lashes but i think its possible ! for exmple keikk (from usually doesnt wear such stuff but ive always thought shes one of the best western gyarus. i guess it just need alot more work. ;o and gotta say that your eyeshape is kinda perfect for gyaru makeup so i think youll be able to pull it off ! and that makeup of yours is super pretty on you :)

  17. I think that looking gal without the circle lenses and lashes is totally possible! I think being gyaru is not just about the appearance but the attitude and confidence you possess. LIke if you're a self-confident young woman who dresses and presents herself well, I think you can still be considered gyaru without the extra small makeup things! I've seen Sayaka Ozaki in mags before but I never knew her name (fail Japanese skills). She's so pretty and sweet looking! Also for makeup, it's such a personal thing - the amount and what style you wear really depends on what you feel comfortable and suits your features. You have such lovely skin and amazing features you really don't need any makeup at all! If you feel comfortable with less makeup, I say go for it - it's better for your skin in the long run anyway :D

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  19. Ah shit va fin hon va!

  20. omg i actually LOVE her without the gyaru make up.. she looks like adriana lima! too pretty *_*

  21. I love both looks! Yes, she is a beautiful girl! ^___^

  22. u look like a man. big hairy chin

  23. I think the thing is, you have much smaller lips than her. Not saying it's a bad thing, I haven't got big lips myself, but, it's just one of the first things I notice about Sayako ^^ Maybe that's why she still look pretty gyaru without lashes and such?

  24. If you don't like Becci or her blog you can GTFO. Plzkthnx.

  25. Yeah, I guess so :) Thanks sweetie <3

  26. u are beautiful but u look european and she does not u understand? if u want to look in the exact same way, u would need plastic surgery!! but i can tell u, even then there would be a difference between u and these japanese girls!!! i love gyaru 2 but i try to do the best of my type u understand sweetie?

  27. Also if you're worried about lenses damaging your eyes then you could get enhancing contacts from acuvue. They enhance and brighten the colors of your natural eye for everyday. Wear including prescription. They have enhancers (mainly for light eyes...) or opaques which look more natural yet vibrant. As for lashes, experiment until you can achieve that almost false look ;)! There's mascaras that have fibers that attach to your natural lash for a longer lash, then add a volumizing mascara with it. And white eyeliner is your friend! Concentate especially in the outer corners of your waterline. And of course you can experiment for the other factors of Gal make up but I found those help me still feel gal even though I'm not always able to wear false lashes or circle lenses!

  28. WOW! Definitely plenty cute with "natural-Gyaru" style! <3 Many of your Gyaru pictures show a confident girl; she hasn't gone away in this one! You still have a confident glow with "natural-Gyaru" :)

  29. Claudia L. YoungApril 8, 2013 at 4:16 PM

    I think you're very pretty in your own way no matter if your european and she's asian, no need for plastic surgery. i, my self is a newbie in gyaru style and would really love your opinion and comment so i can get better, can you take a look?


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