May 29, 2011

A Visite to My Home Town

 Hey guys!
So these days I sooo busy I don't even know who I am anymore, haha, because I'm doing the last things in school before summer vacation and I also have another thing I need to do at the same time. Next weekend there will be a huge event. It's the biggest anime/Japan convention in Sweden and it's called Uppcon. I'm arranging a fashion show at Uppcon and there's so much to prepare! I'm a little bit freaked out! I'm also nervous because I will have to talk in front of probably at least 2000 people. While having to study, arrange/plan fashion show I also have to work T_T I sooo stressed!

*sigh* Okay! Enough!


So last weekend I went to my hometown to meet my father, my mother and my siblings.
I realized that it's actually quite beautiful. This is something that I didn't think about when I was living there. 

It's right by the biggest lake in Sweden (called Vänern). So during the summer time I always swum in these waters.

Since my friend Davy lives in the same city as my father we met up for some party at the pub.

I had a fun and wild night with him and his friends!

I will probably stay away from blogging this week since I so busy, we'll see.
Wish me good luck!



  1. Vänern e jättevackert! Haha sorry, had to try my bad swedish. :D Sweden is so amazing country<3

  2. Good luck with the fashion show. Hope you will post some pictures of it. Really want to see it :O

  3. I am planning a fashion show for my Con too! O_o It is stressful but I am sure you will rock it! What fashions are you covering? I tried to combine well known J-fashions with lesser known ones. 

  4. Congrats on making the fashion show, I know it will turn out great and 2,000 people are not so many just imagine they are all your friends^^ I look forward to photos!

    The pics from your hometown are lovely!

  5. Beautiful! I've been to Sweden once, my family live in Mariestad... which is on the same lake, right? I loved it there :)

    good luck with the fashion show, I am sure it will be amazing :)

  6. aww good luck with everything!! you will be great though don't worry ^^ 
    your hometown looks very nice and peaceful~

  7. haha your hometown looks so lovely! like the pic of you and davy!


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