June 29, 2011

My New Baby

Hey guys!
It's been a while since my last post! I've actually been working almost everyday T_T so no time for blogging (unless I want to post half-ass posts). There will be many reviews coming up soon! I'm looking forward to make them~


Anyways, what I'm actually going to write about today is about my new baby!
Yesterday I got Samsung Galaxy S2~
Yepp, no iPhone 4 this time and I'm very VERY pleased that I chose this phone instead!

It has the biggest amazing screen and is sooo fast! (No, this is not a commercial!) It has to be the best phone I've ever tried! I'm not kiddin'! Isn't it beautiful and just super amazing?!
(In my next post I'll review these lower lashes from KkCenterhk.)

Hopefully I'll be able to blog with it!

Yesterday I called my Japanese friend who lives in Tokyo through Skype, he also has Skype on his phone, and I thought it was amazing how we could talk for free on our phones even if he lives so far away. Well I'm just blown away by the high-tech that I hadn't experience before. Hahaha, I'm so slow!

I'll soon try if it's possible to blog with.
Gaaaaaaaah!!! Sorry! I'm just too freakin' excited! X3



  1. I agree, that's some great phone! ^^

  2. Wow~~!!!! What a pretty phone! ^o^

  3. I have the same one since ohne month, 
    sooo amazing!
    i really love it, but i need more apps :(

  4. Ahh, super awesome phone!! I need a phone upgrade...haha. 

  5. i know a couple of people that have that phone and i'm surprised at how lightweight it is! the screen really is huge *o*
    aww working almost everyday? get some rest >< 

  6. skype to skype on phones is so darn convenient right, best thing evarrr :D

  7. I know right!^^ i need you on my skype panda<3

  8. a e m k wellington <-- without the spaces :D

  9. I know, right!? I love it so much! <3
    I'll try to do them as soon as possible! :3

  10. Isn't it!? *___*
    Me too! I'm searching and a bit picky :P

  11. It is! It's very lightweight! It is! I love it!
    I will, this weekend I'm free, which is really nice! <3 Thank you for caring sweetie! ^___^

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