June 23, 2011

Some Other Days

 Hey guys!
First of all I just want to say: Thank you so much everyone who voted for me on the Dress Designing Contest! I really really appreciate it!
If you still haven't voted you can do it until the 18th of July. I really need your help!


Okay, so this will just be one of those random posts! I've been very busy lately because of work, which really suck because I want to blog so badly!

So last weekend me and Hyo went to a Mexican restaurant together and here's what I wore:
I was inspired to try a vintage girly look that day. (sorry about the bad quality, I really should get a new camera).

The foooodz~
Chili con Carne and some tapas and stuff. Yummy!

The other day I was trying out a few things at Monki and I found this wonderful knit!
I still don't know if I should buy it... hmm. 

I've been thinking about buying iPhone 4 in white... 
...but I still can't decide! I'm such a lame-o when it comes to deciding things! God please help me decide! >_<



  1. HI!!!
    *waves up a storm*

  2. I'll help you decide: buy it! :D

    I'm totally the opposite of you now.. I have a "buy buy buy" period. must. not. buy. so. much. stuff *_*

  3. Haha, yeaah, maybe I should, but if I buy it I have to pay for it in 2 years :P yeah, but I really want it and need it.

    I'm always so afraid I will regret and that I want to do something else with the money :O like traveling.

  4. I, personally, would not recommend to buy an Iphone because all the people around me have a lot of trouble with their Iphones! XD And, the most crucial part, its so tough to stick any nice decoden part on this kind of phone! (It's also too expensive to stick some plastic on it xD) But, I guess, If your thinking longer than one week about really wanna have it, then just go for it & you won't regret! Love from Germany :)

  5. Oh, really? D: What problems?
    Yeah, I know, but I think I won't deko it anyways or I'll just deko a little on a shell.
    Yeaah, hmm, I'm just thinking about how easy it is to break it. I will probably be very afraid of using it and such :/
    Thank you for your honest thoughts! ^__^

  6. I think you should think about it a little more. It took me several months to decide before I got my Sony Ericsson Aino. My little baby~~ <3333 *cuddles her phone* X')

  7. You always look so stunning!!

    I dont really like iPhones but I do like white phones and the idea of getting a lot of cases for them
    Which are my only reasons to want to buy one myself heheh

  8. Oh no! What style do I like better on you, retro girly or otona?? Both are really great outfits, honestly I want to see more of both XD

  9. Yeah I think so too. And right now I'm actually thinking about Samsung Galaxy S2 too :/ But it's not as good looking though :P

  10. Thanks sweetie! -^___^-

    Yeah, actually I'm choosing betweet Iphone4 or Samsung Galaxy S2. Iphone4 totally has better design, but Samsung Galaxy S2 is cheaper and a better phone in general. Hmm :/ but the white iPhone4 is so appealing! *___*

  11. Hahaha, naaw, you're too cute Sara Mari! ^___^ I'm happy you like both of the styles because sometimes I'm a little afraid I don't suit the cute styles anymore :(

  12. Haha, I'm so afraid I will change my mind! XD

  13. Your outfit looks so cute! And, the food looks so delicious >.< Makes me hungry~
    hmm, if you really want the iPhone 4, see if they offer a plan that upgrades you to the iPhone 5 when it comes out? :3 iPhone 5 is coming out soon/next year .. you might want that instead??

  14. i have no idea why i couldn't comment on your last entry but i just wanted to say that the dress design looks really classy and i voted for you ^^ good luck!
    i love retro girly on you, you look like a doll!oooh the knit is cute but i'd probably roll up the sleeves since it looks funny, i don't know what it is =/and don't get iphone 4 yet if you can wait until september because iphone 5 is coming out! :D

  15. Ah you always look so good Becci. I'm like you with not being able to decide about whether to buy things. I think just keep wavering until you're just SURE and you decide you have to have it.

  16. Yeees just buy it haha =DD Lovely outfit and that sweater <3 <3

  17. hi becci. i just stumbled upon your blog and you look beautiful in every outfit you wear!
    i love your shorts here,pretty fond of short shorts too :)

    anyway, i own an iphone4 in black. it's very easy to use and have lots of apps to choose from. i really prefer it than the samsung since it's more user friendly. but well it's all up to you ^_^
    i'd be following you from now on.


  18. Aww I love monki :D
    The store rocks so much and the knit suits you. If it's not too expensive I'd totally go for it *laughs*

  19. Cute outfits~ & I think you should get the iPhone! Everyone who has one seems to really like it & there are so many things you can do with it :D

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