June 18, 2011

Sunny Day in Stockholm

Hey guys!
So last weekend I went to Stockholm and met some friends. Monica was visiting so I really wanted to get the chance to meet her again!
Since I was visiting and Monica was visiting we decided to head to a park to hang out.

While waiting for Marcus and Monica me and Amanda took some outfit photos~
My outfit of the day

Amanda's outfit of the day
I admire her style so much!

I've missed her so much! I was really happy to meet her again!

Heading to the park!

Marcus and Monica.
I had so much fun with them and Amanda! (btw, wtf, the guy in the background!! XD)

It was a wonderful day! The weather couldn't be any better!

Sometimes Stockholm is actually very beautiful.

Later on we went to a friends home party. I met many friends there and it was really fun!
Here's Seike, Lydia and me.

Partyyying partyying yeaah!



  1. Becci chan you look soo good :) love your hair and make up *___________* soo cute ♥
    xoxo emimarie

  2. Awh you all look so awesome! Lovin' your outfit <3

  3. Wow it looks beautiful there! I want to visit~ And your co-ord is very pretty ^_^

  4. I was trying to look at this post last night and the guy I stay with was reading it over my shoulder and he's all like "She's changed (he saw our purikura together), she's so beautiful, her skin is nice" and I was just like "Go away!!" but it's all true, you look so great!! It seems like a lovely meetup and perfect weather for meeting outdoors^^/

  5. Du är såååå söt på bilden på dig och Amanda i parken! :D

  6. kawaii ttekanji~~~~~!!

  7. You look amazing as always :3
    Ser ut som ni hade det riktigt trevligt i Stockholm!

  8. You look amazing as always :3
    Verkar som ni hade det jättetrevligt i Stockholm!

  9. You look amazing girl! Love the outfit and the makeup is smashing!!
    Miss you so mutch and hope to see you soon!

  10. It was sooo nice seeing you again! I HOPE WE MEET AGAIN OK!!!

  11. Looks like you guys had loads of fun :D! And I like your outfit here :D

  12. The weather really does look like it was fabulous! ♥ Adore your outfit too~

  13. aw such wonderful photos and such pretty ladies! by the way, you look way way younger with that kind of make up!

  14. that picture of you lying down is so lovely, the effect looks very dream-like~
    and this may sound weird but i love how you apply your blush lol ^^


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