June 24, 2011

Wine, Strawberries and Cheese

Hey guys!
So a while ago when I was in Stockholm I met my friend Katja and we decided to have a picnic in the park.
The weather was just perfect!

My outfit of the day.
I felt a little hippie-ish that day! I was not prepared in this photo, as you can see on my hand which just let the skirt go, but I think it turned out to be the best of them! 

We went and bought some pink sparkling wine, white wine, strawberries and cheese
It was the best strawberries this year! So sweet~ And the cheese was made of heaven!
My friend Katja in a 50's inspired outfit.
She wore red shoes which matched perfectly. So cute!

Katja took this photo. It's my favorite!
That weekend they had temporary art on Stockholm's most famous square (Sergel's Square).
Do you see the illusion?
It's was really cool! Because you have do walk to a certain spot to get the right view because from the wrong angle it didn't look like anything. Here's someone's video to show you how cool it is!

What do you guys think about it?



  1. You both look so pretty & summery~! ♥ White really suits you :3

  2. Love your outfit - so pretty!

  3. love your maxi dress. and you are very blooming in your pictures. :)

    adorable *winks*

  4. your outfit is so pretty and summery *__*
    the art thing is pretty cool too

  5. Love you outfit :D soo cute becci :D

  6. Wow, that art is amazing!!
    I love your outfit! Light and perfect for Summer~ And your friends skirt is so cute too!

  7. you look amazing. I love your style.. ;) Strawberry mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  8. Actually I was pretty much shoked to see something Hungarian in your blog :D and there it goes a bottle of Törley champaigne :) hope you liked it <3

    And Im super jelly of that art on that square ! I wish we had something like that here too ~~~

    your hungarian fan <3

  9. i've been a reader for a while, but never commented -- sorry to lurk! just wanted to say the boho/folky look is aaamaazing on you!! i also like your friend's retro ensemble~! awesome~ (^-^)

  10. I love your white outfit~ With the white headband it really stands out.

    Oh man strawberries, I want them so badly now, they are too expensive here in Japan TT

  11. beautiful outfits! i love your friend's 50s look and your crochet knit and headband makes your outfit more sweet and natural ^^
    yum wine, strawberries and cheese! it looked like such a lovely day too~
    wow cool! i've seen similar things like that that require you looking at some angle to see the illusion. we used to have a street painter that loved to paint those sorts of things but he's gone now :(

  12. The outfit is so cute and lovely <3

    But really, I just wanna say I wanna give you the Blogger Award 2011, I love your style, even though I never post comments here, I always check out your posts XD.

  13. Du ser ju helt fantastisk ut!

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