July 3, 2011

KKcenterHk Lower lashes - Review

Hey guys!
Today I'm going to review some lower false lashes that KKcenterHk sponsored me.
On to the review!

First of all, here's me before wearing the lower lashes.


- These false lashes arrived within 7 working days.
- They ship from Hong Kong.
- Price is $8.80.
- They are made in Korea.
-10 pairs in each package.
- Glue is not included.
- The lashes name by short is ES A188.

Here's how the look like in close-up.
The design is very similar to the lower lashes nr 5 by Melliesh that I bought a while ago. The Melliesh's seem to break more easily though.

One thing that disappointed me is that some of them are a bit uneven and some are longer than the other one.

They are pretty long, but you can of course cut them however you want. I only cut the ends of the excess clear band for this review.


Since they were a bit uneven I can't give them full points in design. Otherwise, I really like the design, it's dramatic and has a nice pointy shape. If you like a dramatic eye make-up these are definitely the lashes for you.


They are very strong! I'm not afraid of breaking them so I will be able to wear them many many times. This is great for such cheap false lashes!

Since they are very strong they also are a tiny bit stiff which can be a little bit difficult when applying them.

These lashes are really worth it's price! Even though some of them are uneven I think they make up for it in looks and sustainability.

Find these lower false lashes here!



  1. I was thinking of ordering some! Thanks for the review! ^.^


  2. Love your make up BEcci chan and thank you for your nice comment *__* Your a hotty too ne ;P
    xoxo emimarie♥

  3. Those lashes look amazing!
    btw, you kinda remind me of Leighton Meester :)

  4. oh great review and you look so pretty in those photos, your lenses match up to your hair which I adore!

  5. that sucks about the different sizes of lashes but they are quite inexpensive so i guess we can't complain too much ><
    they look lovely on you~ it makes your eyes more dolly-like ^^

  6. Wow those lashes look so cute on you! Love your lens as well <33

  7. wow these make such a difference to your look!! I'm actually going to buy myself a set of these ~ they look really good!

    I love your blog btw, so I followed you! :D

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