July 14, 2011

One of Those Sunny Days

Hey guys!
So I'm still working on the reviews. I know I'm slooow! But they'll be up soon~
Meanwhile I'll post some pictures from today. I was hanging out with Hanna and her friend in town and we took a few pictures. Only on me though :(

Here's my look of the day.
The green lenses I'm wearing are sponsored by Candylens.com. I'll make a review on them soon.

Later on we found an awesome changing-room that had a wall that matched my outfit, haha, so I let Hanna take some photos. They are in bad quality since they are taken with my Samsung Galaxy S2.

Even though they are in bad quality I kind of like these pictures! ^___^ The light and colors are weird in a nice way, haha, yeah...

This summer we have so much open art in town and this yellow rabbit is on of them!
Isn't it kind of cool?

We also met this guy on the streets. He plays music with his whole body!
He is my hero!

I took a picture of his tumbler-address:

And when I came home and made som research I realized that he's a former member of a band called Detektivbyrån which I've heard about before.  Pretty cool, huh? Their music is very very cute! They made a song that was used in a Swedish commercial. Check it out!

Enough randomness for today! Sorry about that! XD



  1. You're so pretty!! I love that yellow rabbit art ^___^

  2. where did you buy your shoes? they are awesome, and you are beatiful as always!

  3. I love your shirt ! Such a nice color x)

  4. *first comment here ever*
    I love this coordinate! I think you're an amazing gyaru <3

  5. I also really like the coord especially the shoes ♥
    You're gorgeous!

  6. the pictures look great even though they're from a cell phone! 
    loving your makeup here~ the style kind of reminds me of ishigami miho :D

  7. Thank you, lovely! ^___^
    Really?! I was actually inspired by her! :D

  8. Thank you! I'm happy you like it! :3
    Thank you so much! ♥♥♥

  9. Thank you so much! ^____^ I always try to improve myself!

  10. Thank you~ I love it too! It's my favorite right now and I'm using it to often, haha :D

  11. They're from a Swedish store called Monki :) Arn't they?! I love them!♥ Thank you so much! ^o^

  12. Thank you~! ♥♥♥ Me too! :O it's really cool!

  13. Detektivbyrån is one of the greatest things which comes from Sweden<3

  14. AMAZING photos bb ♥ You really look like an EGOIST model here!

  15. oh wow! you look so pretty and what a nice background!I've never been to an art exhibit but I do know its a cool place to kill time!

  16. I really love your Mode style!! *________*  and that scarf hair style is amazing!!!

  17. You're soooo pretty!! Haha and the yellow bunny, wtf xD

    Btw, var har du köpt ditt hårband? :) Vill också ha ett liknande!

  18. Girl you are soo preettyyyyyyy!! :,)) and im so loving your mature, super chic style! you make me want to try wearing the same things haha :3
    still hopinh to meet again!

    - Kristiina
    /keikk @ http://hautekeikk.com

  19. I do that too with a lot of my clothes, I have a favorite for a few weeks and then I find a new favorite LoL 

  20. where did you get your shirt at?

  21. I bought it very cheap on sale from a store called Bik Bok :)
    Thank you so much! ^_____^


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