July 29, 2011

This Week is Great!

 Hi guys!
This Monday I started my vacation month! This week has so far been great and it's not over yet! I'm so happy to be free from work now and finally be able to enjoy the summer for real.

So this Monday I celebrated my birthday~
Hyo Chan woke me up in the morning and surprised me with some flowers and cake! That was so sweet of him. I'm actually very old fashion romantic and I love these kind of silly things, so I was very very happy!

So pretty!

 Later on Malin wanted to celebrate my birthday by taking me out to the club and buy me a few drinks.
I had so much fun with her! This night was epic!

On Wednesday I met my friend Davy who was visiting me.
 This photo is taken with an Iphone by Davy.

We went to the club to see our favorite artist Veronica Maggio on stage!
She was really amazing live! I'm so happy me and Davy got the best spots right in front of her!

I had so much fun! Another successful day!
Since I'm going to Stockholm for a while now I will probably not have time to blog, but I will most likely twitter a lot!

So, if you're not following me already, feel free to follow me on twitter!



  1. Those are some wicked cool tights she's got on!

  2. Happy birthday! Glad you had a nice time. That picture of you and Malin is ADORABLE ^_^.

  3. Awe, Happy Belated Birthday Becci~! ♥ Looks like you had a wonderful time & so many great photos as usual!

  4. Veronica was completely amazing! Her best show so far this year, and I had a great time!
    I'm hoping to see you and Hyo again soon!(Btw, kan jag få bilder/videos på Veronica? Om du orkar zip:a ned dem!)

  5. veronica maggio is so lovely~! i'd love to see her live someday (* ww *) HBD to you ! :---)

  6. So nice to spend your birthday with your beloved ones!! Those flowers are so cute!! *O*


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