August 26, 2011

Harry Potter Inspired Shoot

Hey guys!
So now that I have the time to blog I'm too lazy! >_< WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!?
Anyways, this time I'm gonna post some photos me and my friend Hanna took on the day we went to see the last Harry Potter movie. Because we have to live up to being real nerds we thought it'd be fun to wear some inspired by HP outfits. Our outfits are inspired by Slytherin's school uniforms as you can see on the color theme of grey, black and green.

I was going for a cool slightly sinister look, but still fashionable.

Some of you asked about my outfit. Here's an outfit rundown for you! ^___^ 

Shirt: My boyfriend's, rolled up the sleeves
Skirt: H&M
Tie: My boyfriend's
Shoes: Monki

I'm trying to look badass. Haha, I'm not so good at it!
The irony is that the books I'm holding are Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

Hanna holding her cat. 
We thought it was a great idea ^___^

Later on we went to take photos be the local church. This photo is just a phone photo, but I though it turned out good anyways even though it's not part of the photo shoot.

Before going to the theaters we found a place where the evening sun was shining very bright so we thought we'd take some experimental photos there.
I really like this one!

Don't panic! I used A LOT of PS on these. I wanted to practice my PS skills and try to get a gloomy cool feeling to them. It's okay to Photoshop the shit out of photo shoot photos, right? 8D I'm still practicing though and I know they're not perfect.

It's always so much fun dress up and take photos!
I hope you like them! ^____^



  1. AHHA definitely very Slytherin!! ^^ I'm happy you did that house because I'm always sorted into Slytherin XDDD Love the photos!

  2. that's a really good idea! you girls look really cute. HP <3

  3. aww how fun! i wish i had some friends to do harry potter inspired dress up with! love those shoes that you are wearing

  4. AWESOME!! Both of you!! Just great *_* good idea!!

  5. they are really nice!! <3 love all the photos!

    hehehe and both of you have great outfits!! fits the theme of harry potter!!

    and you still look soo sexy in uniform >.<

  6. Great pictures and you both look really cute. The colour combo of grey, black and green is amazing :)

    Japan Australia

  7. I really like the first photo, because you do look very badass in it. x')
    Too bad I'm not a Harry Potter-fan, 'cuz I would've loved to join you guys. - 3 -

  8. wow! very cool photos! :D ...even with HP theme you still look gorgeous! :D great work! kisses!

  9. Wah, you look so badass and cool! :D

    The 5th and 7th pictures are my favorite ;p

  10. Awesome shoot! And I really would like to know, where did you get the amazing skirt? It's so pretty! Thanks for a great blog ^_^ ~

  11. Lovely photos ! I really like your outfits here, your blouse is really pretty *__*

    You look so incredible! You're gorgeous and the outfit is the cutest thing~
    You should be a serious pro Gal model. (You're a big inspiration to me & I adore your blog >w<)

  13. You both look FABULOUS & this was such a great photoshoot + concept! ♥ I hope you plan to do more shoots in the future~!

  14. Thank you so much! ^___^ I'm always sorted into Hufflepuff lol XD so boring!

  15. Wasn't it? ^____^ Thank you! <3 HP FTW!

  16. It was! ^____^ I love dressing up in themes! They are my favorite high heels! :D I wear them too much!

  17. Thanks cutie~! ^_____^I'm happy you like them! <3

  18. Haha, thank you! ^____^ I tried! It's so difficult when I'm not like that at all!
    Naaw, that's a shame!

  19. Thank you sweetie! <3 ^____^ Kisses!

  20. Really!? *___* Thank you~!

    I think they are my favorite one on me too :3

  21. Thank you! ^___^ I'm happy you like it! It's from H&M actually, I bought it for 2 or 3 years ago or something :)
    Thank you for reading it! ^________^ It makes me very very happy!

  22. Thank you~!^O^/
    It's actually my boyfriends shirt which I roll up the sleeves on. The tie is also his :3

  23. Thank you so much cutie! ^_____^ It makes me very happy!
    Really!? *___* You think so?! I'm so happy that you like it and that I can be an inspiration to you! <3

  24. Or well, I like Severus Snape, but that's about it. x'D
    My twin-brother and his girlfriend along with the girlfriends' parents are huge fans however. ^^

  25. I loved the idea of an HP's photoshoot and you're just gorgeous on it

    That photo that you're jumping is amazing!

  26. I loved the HP's concept for an photoshoot and you're gorgeous

    And that photo that you're jumping is amazing!

  27. I love the green shirt ! Your outfit is so nice x)
    Photoshopped or not, you look so beautiful ! :)

  28. I love these photos and your skirt is gorgeous!


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