September 5, 2011

Hey guys!

So lately I've been struggling a little with myself. I usually don't write that personal things, but right now I feel like I need to be me a little.

Usually when I post photos of me here on my blog I'm all dolled up with false lashes and circle lenses, I even use some photoshop. And lately I've felt like the way I present myself here is not me...
It makes me feel even more insecure of myself.

I'm sorry if I don't make any sense here. I feel a little mixed up right now...

Enough of that!

Here's some phone photos from the past weeks!

My outfit last Friday, not sure about this hairstyle though. 

Lately I haven't worn circle lenses or false lashes. I want to feel secure without them too.

 Me and my adorable friend Malin. I'm never bored when I hang out with her! That night we went to the club.

Another evening at my friends home party.

I'm sorry for the confusion. I need to sort thoughts out.

Talk to you guys later!



  1. You look pretty without lenses and lashes too!
    Btw,I adore your phone case *__*

  2. You look great just the way you are :)


  3. i think everyone has the same kinda feelings at times. when using falsies and lenses daily you get so used to them you forget that you can look great even without them. ive heard few girls getting so addicted to for example circle lenses that they feel that without them they just look ugly. and i think its kinda sad. thats why i think its good to have days when you have just a lil bit of makeup or even better - not at all. to notice that you can look pretty even like that. and that no ones expecting you to look all dolled up everyday. ^^ im sure that even the gyaru models dnt look the way they do in mags for 24/7. :D at least id like to see everykinda looks in gal -blogs. even the more natural days.

  4. Please don't worry about how you look Rebecca. You're one of the most beautiful people I've met and you always seem to you make-up to accentuate what you already have, not hide it. That said, sometimes it's nice to be able to just hang out without getting all dolled up.

  5. you look great without lashes and lenses on and still pretty! would love to see more of this side of you <3 keep it up! see yah ^_^

    ps.more fashion posts please ^o^

  6. Becca you are SO pretty without lashes and lenses! Even when hungover after a party 8) And I'm sure your bf agrees :)

  7. I agree with the other girls too, U look pretty even if you don't wear falsies and lenses.  I had the same problem some years ago I couldn't go out without them and without make up, than I had my first daughter and my time to doll up hardly reduced and I've learned to go out even with a natural look feeling confident! ;)

  8. You're a naturally gorgeous lass with a good figure and beautiful facial features. Don't get too caught up in all the fake expectations to look like people in magazines because all of them aren't perfect. I'm sure many have said it but you don't need a whole load of make up to look good.

  9. I also "overthink" about how I look lately... it's hard to explain but I set too high standards, have too high expectations on myself and how I "should" look. A typical girl thing I think! Especially when we have a blog that many people read... the expectations go up. And if we wanna change our style, we're afraid of what everyone will think, or afraid that they will stop reading or such things! I hope you feel better soon Becci, you are a gorgeous girl by default. I always admired you and your beauty, even before you started doing the gal style <3 Lots of hugs!

  10. U look fu**ing adorable no matter what! I love your eyes, they are just stunning! You don't even need lenses or false lashes!  

  11. you ARE beautiful without lenses or lashes! <3
    but I completely understand that feeling ):

  12. Aw~ It doesn't matter, no need to feel insecure because you're really pretty. The natural you is pretty, and that's true. *sigh* It's nice you let us know you're insecure  because we're here to cheer you up HUUUGS \(^.^)/

  13. I know the feeling, its so weird and it does make you doubt yourself :( :(
    But believe me you are such a stunning girl, you dont need to be dolled up 24/7 to look good!

  14. Hi Becci!

    I always read your blog buy i have never written, but i'm a long time follower :-) I had a blog long time ago but now i've started a new one! 

    I'm sorry you're sad, go on! sometimes i'm sad but all can be overcome with a smile!

  15. you are so pretty also without lenses and lashes becca!!!! you have great bone structure and lovely eyes :3
    actually i also feel kinda insecure about myself without all the "galstuff" on.... but we shouldnt!! especially not you! <3

    anyway, i really like the hairstyle in the first picture :O!!

  16. I definitely don't think you are alone in your feelings, but you are gorgeous, with or without makeup, inside & out, & that's all that matters ♥

  17. You are gorgeus without any lenses or lashes! Your pics are amazing!!Really, you dont have to feel insecure at all. Just stare at the mirror, its impossible that u cant see how beautiful u are!! =*

  18. You look lovely without circle lenses and lashes! But I get what you mean, we have some things in our beauty routine we just "have" to do or we don't feel good about ourselves. I mean, I never go without eyeliner, it makes me feel like my eyes are tiny without it, and I need a big coat of mascara or I feel bare.

    But you really rock the natural look, don't be afraid to go out with more toned down makeup sometimes, you look beautiful!

  19. I barely see difference when you wear lenses and lashes and when you don't. You have a very pretty and unique face, and that, with your awesome style, can only result in awesomeness. Post pictures of yourself that you consider unflattering and i'm sure you will be spammed with comments about how gorgeous you are! :)

  20. Yeah, I feel you with the sorting things out bit. About this time I want to just put head through a wall O_o

    Things will always get better. I know sometimes we don't want to think that way, but they do. I have to remind myself every minute that it really could be worse.

    Stay strong <3
    if you want to, you can check my blog. I ramble:

  21. I've been feeling the exact same way for some time now, and that is why I've been slowly moving away from gyaru since I feel it's too... Fake. Which isn't something I would like to be. I still feel very ugly without circle lenses though so I guess I will have to stick with them for a while, until I feel confident enough to start wearing clear ones again, haha... And you really don't need to worry, because I think you're even prettier when more natural! 

  22. You're gorgeous even without lenses and lashes/makeup in general! I completely get what you're saying though, I love make-up (aspiring makeup artist!) and I wear it all the time and it's only been recently where I've grown comfortable without wearing so much. ^^ Hopefully you'll grow comfortable! :)

    p,s I LOVE your cell phone case!

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  24. Martinezstephanie87July 24, 2012 at 11:04 PM

    I feel the same exact way. Like Ive been wearing lenses circle forever and everyone compliments my eyes but i feel so fake. like without them i feel so ugly. i hope you overcame this insecurity but i hope i can get through this too but its been bothering me like crazy. 


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