September 1, 2011

Seeshell Vivian 3 Tones Brown - Sponsored Review

Hey everyone!
I have another circle lens review for you. This time I'm reviewing Vivian 3 Tones Brown by Seeshell. These lenses are sponsored by for review purpose.

Even though these lenses are sponsored I will only review them with my honest opinions.

Brand: Seeshell
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 42%
Diameter: 15.0mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year disposable

When you order circle lenses from, this is what you get:
1 free lens case
1 Travel bag to keep your lenses and eye drops in
while you're on-the-go
1 Eye Candy Lens card

On the back of the Eye Candy Lens Card you'll find this:
It's a smart way to keep track on your circle lenses so that you know who old your lenses are. Using your circle lenses after a year in not recommended.

-Vivian 3 Tones Brown Worn by Me-
Here's me wearing the lenses without any false lashes.
Indoors bathroom light.
Flash light.
Indoors close-up.
Flash, with and without Vivian 3 Tones Brown.
This last photo is just for fun! ^___^
Phone photo with Retro Camera.


-Rates & Comments-

Comfort ★★★★★
Color ★★★★☆
Looks ★★★★★
Enlargment ★★★★★

First of all just have to say, these DEFINITELY are definitely my favorite lenses so far! I've never worn this comfortable color contacts like these ones. If you're looking for enlargement but still want them to look natural and interesting at the same time these are definitely the lenses for you. These lenses are huuuge! Even though they have a natural design they're still noticeable (in a good way!). 

The only down-side that I can think of is that they might look a little bit greenish in some lightings. The lenses are very thin and big which make them a little bit difficult to put on your eye, but if you're used to wearing lenses this will not be a problem! :)
What I like most with these lenses is that when wearing them it creates an halo effect on your iris which I think looks very cute!

Find these circle lenses HERE!



  1. You look good wearing any circle lens ^-^  I like that the effect makes it look really natural.
    Eye Candy Lens Card, *sigh* I should get one next time
    Such a nice review

  2. They look absolutely amazing on you, and so natural! I've always wanted to go for a pair of more natural lenses, but im afraid they wont suit me u_u I also love the halo effect, that never works for me <3

  3. you look so cute, Becca-chan <3

  4. These look so beautiful! I really love the way they look on you. I always prefer more natural lenses. I'm really curious about trying them now, but I'm afraid they might be too big for me because my eyes are kinda small XD

  5. great review!!
    I really want to buy these lenses now!!

  6. Great lenses! <3 I need a new pair of natural lenses >_<;; I've had mine for at least 1/2 a year and they're starting to go BLAH on me.. this looks like a great alternative to my GEO 3-tone ones ^^
    They looks absolutely stunning on you too btw! How many mm are these lenses?
    Thanks gorgeous~ ^^

  7. Wow, they look AMAZING on you ♥ It's so nice to hear that they're super-comfortable too! Comfort is one of the most important things about lenses imho~

  8. Oh they are so pretty! You look so gorgeous with them!

  9. They look very nice on you! :D
    I love the card, I need to go through and check my lenses now haha

  10. My first circle lenses where from seeshell and i was highly disappointed by them... I'll never buy this brand again ;s
    I honestly think that the pattern looks so fake and do not suits you at all. Makes your eyes look weird and not nice, i've been reading your blog for so long and i totally admire you, and don't want to be mean o rude, it's just my useless opinion T_T I've been reading the comments and i feel like a bitch. 
    And I actually care about your reviews, i bought my violet circle lenses thanks to your post talking about them. They look super cute on you, and want to look as cute too! ;P

  11. i like them! they look very natural even without the lashes!

  12. himla fina på dig! och du är skitsnygg som vanligt :) 


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