September 17, 2011


Hello guys,

I'm sorry for my last post. I don't want you to feel sorry for me or anything... I sometimes feel a bit ashamed for being down when I have so much good things in life.
I feel a little better now, but I'm still struggling though. I'm trying to build up my confidence and think more happy thoughts. It's alright though, we all go through those periods sometimes, right? 
I just have to say that I'm really grateful that you're supporting me. Your comments on my last post made me  really happy. It sounds a bit too dramatic because it's not really a big issue, but sometimes I forget how many wonderful people I have around me. 
It makes me very happy. 
Thanks everyone ♥


So what I've decided to do is to take good care of myself. I've started dieting (which means that I'm eating healthier food) and I'll soon start exercising again. I'm trying to find my way back to inspiration by shopping new clothes. I've also bought new skin care products to take good care of my skin from now on instead of photoshopping and wear thick layer of foundation.

I went to a cosmetic store and asked the shop staff for any recommendations for my skin 
and here's what I got:

-Boots N°7 Gentle Foaming Mousse Adoucissante
-Lancôme Hydra Zen Neurocalm Moisturizing Cream-Gel 
-Lancôme Génifique Youth Activator (tester)

The last one is just a free try that I'm thinking of buying, just need to be sure because it's quite expensive. I'm thinking of buying it on duty free.
Let's hope that these might make my skin better. I'm positive about it because I already feel the difference :) I might do reviews on them if requested.

Coming up soon is circle lens reviews and mask reviews that I should have done months ago.
So right now I'm working one these reviews.
I was really pleased with my make-up the other day when I took pictures on the circle lenses I'm reviewing.

Thanks everyone once again that you bear with me.



  1. Love the new look and layout of the blog. Very cool!

    Japan Australia

  2. well I think you look just gorgeous, like always! ♥
    and trust me, I know exactly what that feeling is like.

    I hope mine is just a phase too :/

    I'm also trying to develop healthier eating habits!! mainly, I want my skin to be naturally soft and spotless (with or without make-up), and I think eating better can definitely help! I am just so inconsistent! >.<

    I hope you can reach your goal!  and feel better about yourself! ♥♥

    let's do well together!

    good luck with everything beautiful girl!! (^ ^)

  3. it's ok dear :D glad to know you're feeling well now.take care! we are here to support you :)

  4. I'm really glad you're feeling better! And yeah, you aren't alone, every body has their moments of depression/sadness but the most important thing is that you're able to lift yourself up  past them. And you seem to have a great support system, so that always helps. 

  5. I'm glad you are feeling better :) Life is tough but what makes you an amazing person is the ability to get back up and being able to work things out! Don't worry if things don't fix themselves right away, they will with time :)

    As for the lancome products, one of my close friend LOVES lancome and swears by their skinline so I think they should be good for you! Reviews would be cool!

  6. Aweee, OF COURSE we will bear with you bb ♥ I'm glad you're feeling a bit better about things & that is awesome that you are doing these things for yourself! I'd love to see a review of the Lancome products too ♥

  7. Lancome products are really good! i'm sure you will like them ^_^

    i hope you feel better soon... with these things in life, you have to go "slowly but surely". good luck!


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