November 14, 2011

Just Keeping You Updated

Hello everyone!
It's been quite a while since I updated here and I feel like this break is necessary for me. I still haven't figured out what to do with my blog in the future and to be honest I'm so busy with school work at the moment that I feel like I wont be able to update continuously anyways. I'll get my teachers exam this winter if I pass, so that's why it's crucial.

I want to say that I'm truly grateful that most of you are still patient enough to keep following my blog. 
Thank you so much, guys!

I'm not really done with figuring out what to do with this blog yet, as I mentioned before, but I have been thinking a lot and I've come to realize that I don't want to stop blogging. It gives me too much joy that I just can't stop. During this break I missed blogging so much.

But what I've been thinking of is to change the design and concept of the blog. Maybe even the name, but I'm not sure yet. I need to think more about this.


So, I thought I'd post some photos taken with my Samsung the past month. Most of them are posted on my twitter already.

Starting off with some Halloween photos!
I was dressed as a nurse on Halloween when we went to the club. I was one of the few who was dressed up, sooo boring! D:

 Me and Amanda at the club.

The day before Halloween we had a home party and here's Amanda dressed in Punk style and me as a creepy doll.

So badass! lol :P I was wearing my remaining lolita clothes. It felt really awkward wearing them again. I can't believe I was wearing them on regular basis.

Tommy and Hyo at the Halloween party. Tommy is wearing my brothers hat (?), such weird combination of religions :P He was looking really cool! I made his make-up :3


This photo is quite old now, but I really like it!
I like how my make-up and hair turned out. Trying to stay away from my extensions and circle lenses these days.

This weekend me and Hyo went to Stockholm to meet friends and party. Sascha and Eivind was visiting from Germany and Norway. I was really happy to meet them again!
 Sascha and me!

Me, Eivind and Hyo ^___^

I bought a few stuff this month too! (Even though I shouldn't! >_<)

I found these suede boots and immediately fell in love with them!
They have a golden zipper in the back which I think is pretty neat :3

Next is:
~Vivienne Westwood's Perfume Boudoir~
I bought it from Amanda. I can't believe that she sold it to me! And she was also kind to give me a VW bag!  *-*

It may take a long time before I do my next post since I'm so busy, but I do really want to go back to blogging as soon as possible!

Thanks everyone again for being so supportive! It means A LOT to me!


  1. Aw so glad you could have this long of a break and just get RL all settled with! We all support you! :DD 

    Like I told you on Twitter, I love that perfume bottle! I really wanna go try it out now... even just for the bottle! XDD Your makeup looks fab as usual, doll. 

    I'm glad you won't stop blogging, I love your posts! Even for me it's hard to blog once a week (which is my timeline for blogging, sometimes twice a week because RL is so busy nowadays), but keep on blogging, it can be fun and a hassle sometimes but if you're having fun even in the slightest bit, keep on doing it! Plus knowing and making online friendships is a plus :)

    Aw so great you could all meet!! Once I get myself to Europe we must go shopping! I'm so impulsive, so if you shop with me you will buy everything XDD I'm quite good at persuading people to buy things! myself included haha

  2. wb! ♥ (at least for a minute, y/y? lol)
    Like Mika said, I'm really happy you have decided not to stop blogging either. Yours is one of my favourite blogs to read & it's totally ok to find yourself moving in a different direction... We don't grow if we always stay the same! ♥You look gorgeous as ever though & both of your Halloween costumes came out amazing! The creepy doll is especially awesome.

  3. You're so beautiful! wish i was as good as you with putting on make up :O I also have that perfume :3 bought it when i was living in Japan, the bottle is soo adorable!
    Really like your more adult style, or how to put it! :D Good luck with everything in school too!

  4. you are always SO GORGEOUS
    seriously look just like a jelly model ♥
    and both your halloween costumes are so good! *0*

  5. Welcome back!!!!
    I'm so glad to see that you're not going to stop posting :') <3

    Looking forward to your future posts!

  6. I'm so glad to read your blog post again! I understand how hard it is to blog while working and doing school finally haha, and what an important test you will have! Good luck and I know you will do great.

    I love all the photos, your costumes were great XD I think its a good idea to change the layout and name of your blog because your style has evolved alot in the past year or so ^^

  7. you look awesome becki!

  8. yayy you're updating again, missed your blog!! lol i feel like it's always the same thing i comment but once again, i can't get over it how beautiful you are and how flawless your make-up and hair are! looking amazing! ♥♥

    and i have been thinking that whole name/concept/layout change thing too with my own blog, and damn it feels like a big step... it's so hard to come up with a new blog name, isn't it? -.-

  9. I love your Halloween outfits and make-up! =DD That punk girl- look is also great, so 80`s haha! Btw you look good in other pictures too - your neutral-colored outfits suit you well, keep it going!

  10. It's nice to know that you aren't disappearing or ceasing activity around here, I adore your blog. I do hope that you eventually do find a way to be happy with blogging once again or find a direction that suits you the most. 

    You and your friend Amanda looked simply amazing as the creepy doll and the punk rocker. As Dudu said, Amanda's look reminds me of 80s glam rock-ish style, which I happen to absolutely adore. I love the way you looked in the picture without the lens and extensions, you seemed less done up, but that's the beautiful of the look. It's simple, but not too simple and it's classy at the same time. And I'm loving that necklace. 

    The boots. My addiction~ They look amazing and I bet they are sooo comfortable. I need to get a pair of those as soon as possible and Boudior~ Sososo lucky, I've been wanting to get that perfume for a rather long time. I'm sad that it's so far out of my price range for now. 

    Again, I'm glad to know that you're doing well and are eager to get back into blogging. Take your time and get your things done...I'm sure everyone will keep supporting you. 

  11. I'm so glad you decided to keep blogging <3 I love reading your blog!

    And you guys looked so great on halloween *_* scary though! And I had such a wonderful time meeting you and everyone this past weekend <3 I wish we could hang out like this more often. And good luck with school and all. I hope you get some rest too. Try not to over-work yourself :*


    and guess what, now we smell the same :p

    VW LOVE <3

  13. wow. You look so awesome in every picture!

  14. Your costumes are SO CUTE! Dressing up is so much fun, the chance to play a character for a night. I've never been to a haloween party, wish I can someday. I'll be looking foward to your blog updates, although school also sucks away my time from blogging too sometimes.

  15. Emma här! Måste bara säga att du är helt fantastiskt vacker när du ler helt, alltså med tänderna.

    Du e så fiiiin <3

    och fortsätt blogga blogga bloggaaaa~~



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