December 30, 2011

The Last Days of 2011!

Hi everyone!
Did you have a good holiday? ^___^
This weekend I'm going to Stockholm to celebrate New Year's with my friends! I'm really looking forward to it!

First, my look at Christmas Eve!

I've been reaaaaally inspired lately to do creative stuff so one night I started on this drawing:
Be kind! I only drew this with gel-pen. I hope I'll finish it someday!

This week I've been studying some more and I've been planning my look for New Year's Eve, and here's how I want my make-up to look like:
I will probably add more glitter too, haha
I also found the most perfect dress, but I'll post it next time with the full look.

I found the perfect nail polish on sale:
Lumene - Trouble maker♥

I can't wait until New Year's! *___*

New Year's Resolutions:

- Build my confidence

- Focus on doing the things that make me happy

- Avoid stupid diets! Eat the food I like, enjoy it and be healthy!



  1. i'm complety in love with your make up *.* 

  2. Hope you have a great New Year's Celebration :)


  3. I'm loving your make-up in here! Waiting to see the pictures of the complete look 

    Hope you had good holidays too~
    Happy New Year! 

  4. Happy New years =DD Enjoy your celebrations!! ^^

  5. Aw what great New Year's Resolutions! I especially like the eat food and be healthy resolution! :) 

    Looking fab as usual, hun! 

  6. Awww Happy New years cutie pie!

    Long time since I've talked to you but you've gotten so cute!

  7. Yay Becca! Good choices for New Year's resolutions! I hope everything good and exciting for your new year! Love!

  8. I like your drawing! The gel pen gives it an interesting texture! Since I've graduated I never draw anymore TT It looks like your New Year's eve look is going to be silvery, can't wait to see it all together because the makeup looks great!

  9. I hope you can accomplish your resolutions. :) Loving the NYE look!

  10. Happy New Year hunnie~! ♥ Hope you had a safe trip & a wonderful time with your friends... best of luck in the new year & always!

  11. Happy new year :) pretty eye make up!

  12. You r seriously freakin gorgeous fer real

  13. Hi! Love your blog and I'm so happy you started blogging some more again:) could you pleeease do a tutorial on your eyebrows? they are really nice. xoxo


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