December 24, 2011


Hey lovelies!
I did it AGAIN! I'm sorry! I've been away for more than a month now and the reason to that is that I'm still working on my last big essay. I have news though! I'll get my teacher's exam in January (hopefully) and I'll start working in the middle of January!!! Which means.. I GOT THE JOB! ^______^

I'm sooo excited to start working!
Hopefully I'll have more time for my hobbies, such as blogging and stuff. I'm even thinking about getting a new laptop so that I'll be able to make my blog better and edit videos in better quality. I'm really looking forward to that! And hopefully I'll because to do creative stuff that I like such as make-up tutorials and so on~


So this entry is kind of an update/haul/outfit-post I guess :P

I'm starting off with my haul of some of the recent things I bought!

 BIOTHERM Christmas box, for dry skin. Containing: day/evening cream, toner, cleanser.
I bought this because I was running out of my Lancôme skin care and also because I wanted something that would work in my dryyyy winter skin >_< So far I'm pleased!

Viva la Diva: Eyeshadow Palett 48 colors 

Look at those wonderful shimmery colors! *___* I can't wait to play with it! 

I bought hair dye a while ago to make my hair less yellow, I wanted a reddish brown color.
 L'oreal Casting Crème Gloss - Mahogany 550
Since I was a little scared of using it at first I let the hair dye stay too short, so yesterday I dyed my hair again with the same color to make the color more visible.

 Clinique Supermoisture makeup - Suuuper hydrated foundation!
I bought this because I'm sooo sick of my dry flaky skin I have during winter. Most foundations make my skin look really dry.

If you want me to do a review on any of these items please tell me, I'd be happy to do so! ^___^

On to the outfit-photos!
(Dirty mirror, not mine this time, lol XD)
Just a casual look, I usually go for the casual these days. When did I get this boring?
Anyways, I usually look like this at Uni, sometimes less make-up.

Celebrating early Christmas with my family last weekend:
After watching Pan Am this semester I've become so inspired to do a 50's/60's look. I felt VERY classy! Hahaha, I'm not sure about this style yet though :P but always fun to try new things!

My look today and me being my goofy self!

Did you notice any color difference of my hair? :)



  1. beatiful becciiii! your hair looks amazing, and so do your outfits :) love the last outfit the most, and your make-up in that picture! your hairstyle is so nice :) i'm saving my bangs so i can do this style toooooo, i got even more inspired to keep saving it now after seeing your pics <3

  2. i love the second coord, classy look ! 

    X.X.O sweet rebecca 

  3. Love the Retro look and the BIOTHERM Christmas box looks so good.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  4.  Aw~ I really like ur  new hair color ~ Hope u have happy holidays & be with the ones u love~

  5. You look fabulous as always <3 Merry Christmas!

  6. Gorgeous! plz do a in-depth review on the biotherm skincare! I want to try that one too ^^

  7. You got some very nice cosmetic items! And I really like the casual outfit alot, it's very cool and the striped sweater catches my eye too XD Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

  8. Merry Christmas Becci & congratulations on the job! ♥ I'm sure you'll pass your exam next month with no problem!
    You look lovely as always & definitely NOT boring, haha... I'm loving your Pan-Am inspired outfit ♥

  9. Thanks sweetie!!! X3 Actually I've been thinking what to do with it, but maybe long bangs suit me better :)

  10. Thanks cutie~!^_____^ <3 I'm happy you like it even though it's very simple.

  11. Thank you! ^___^ You too! Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!!

  12. Really? :3 Thank you!^^ You too! Hope you have wonderful holidays! <3

  13. Thank you! ^o^ Merry X-mas!! <3

  14. Thank you! \(^o^) I will do my best! ^____^ 

  15. Thanks hun! <3 ^___^ I hope you had a merry X-mas and I hope you have a wonderful and fun New Year's eve!

  16. Thank you, hunny!!! <3 ^______^ You too! Happy holidays! I will do my very best!
    Really? :D I was worried I've become boring these days XD I'm happy you like it!<3

  17. I wish they sold biotherm here orz... Cute pics though! 


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