January 18, 2012

Little Black

Hi everyone!
Recently I've been working a lot and it actually feels GREAT!
Going through my recent party photos I realized that... I've been wearing the same dress every time! O_o Hahahaha, I think I'm too in love with this dress!
It's simple but has some really cool details and cuts which makes it sooo cute! AND it's comfortable! I f**kig love this dress! *__* The dress is by One Teaspoon.

Last Friday we celebrated Hyo's birthday!
And this is what I gave him as a birthday present:
A cool long T-shirt by Odeur and a key necklace from Carlings.

 Yepp! the same dress again! But this time I wore circle lenses for the first time in a very long time! I think it's been since Halloween actually, or something. What's weird is that I actually don't think it looks as good with the circle lenses anymore :/

The next day me and my friends from Uni celebrated our exam by eating out and party at the club.
 Sweet goodness~

At the club
 They took our picture as well~
Didn't have time to do my hair as I wanted, but oh well, I tried cat eye make-up :3
I had so much fun! (Thanks girls, you are amazing!)

My weekend could have been better! ^___^


  1. I don't blame you for being obsessed with that dress, haha! It looks like the perfect piece to throw on for instant sexiness without trying too hard. One Teaspoon is an amazing brand too ♥
    So happy to hear you're loving your job!

  2. looks like a fabby night and omg i want steak right now !


  3. I love this outfit on you! It definitely is very mode-gyaru and you look so lovely in it! :) 

  4. I love your dress! I tend to wear clothes I love a lot too lol 
    I wish I could look as great as you without circle lenses, I feel so plain without them ><

  5. You look great! Love the necklace you've wearing as well. Glad you're enjoying your job! WOO!

  6. the dress really suit you and I love that dress too ;D the food make me hungry /_\

  7. yes! it is! and I can wear it casually with jeans as a tunic as well! it really is the perfect dress! I love Oneteaspoon!♥ thanks, sweetie! ^___^

  8. lovely dress


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