January 30, 2012

Snowy Weekend

Yupp, another post today! I'm so happy when I have time to blog ^__^

So last weekend I went to the pub with Hyo and our friends. This is what I wore:
Dress: OneTeaspoon / Cardigan: Cheap Monday / Accesories: Vintage etc.
I really love the combination of long cardigan and short dress or shorts! I wore my grey lenses and I'm sure about how they look on my anymore, but I wanted to try wearing them again :)

So, finally it's actually cold and snowy weather here in Sweden. This winter has been strange! 
Unusually warm!
¤ Pretty snow flakes ¤

The weekend before this one I hung out with Malin. We haven't had time to hang out like this for a long long time! We went shopping, eating and later on we went to the club and had a GREAT time!

YAY! Silly photos!!! XD

You Sir, behold our magnificent mustaches!

How I wore my make-up that night~

Stay tuned~


  1. Awww! Cute pics~ I love your coordinate in the first picture! :)

  2. your style and make up is amazing! haha I met you on a loli meet in Göteborg like a 1000 years ago, you look so different! (in a positive way)


  3. I haven't seen you since UC and we only spoke for like a minute or so. x')
    I really miss hanging out with you... :(

    I really like your cardigan by the way, it looks so cozy~ o 3 o

  4. I love the first outfit~ Y'all are so pretty! ^^
    I wish it would snow here T~T 

  5. like your eyebrows hun! ;)

  6. I've been a long time lurker  (always sounds a little creepy!)).  I'm happy that you are finding time to post more often! And I love how your style has evolved!

  7. you're both so pretty ^^ i love your outfit and especially your cross ring!

  8. Awe, so cute! ♥ I'm so loving your simple yet elegant style lately. Suits you beautifully!

  9. You look lovely! I'm so happy to see you updating regularly again :D

  10. I just wanna ask.... Is ur friend single?? Maybe a blinddate if she is? :)
    Im Asian, i live at campus and ye... i can talk swedish as any swedish person.

  11. your smart phone case is so cute :D

  12. I love long cardigans with shorter dresses/shorts as well! It's a really cool look. I like the simple stylishness of your outfit and the earthy tones mixed with black. And your makeup is really nice!


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