February 5, 2012

Dinner, Pub and New Computer

Heeey guys! ^___^
I've been a little bad at posting lately and it's mainly because I got a new computer! I got a Macbook and I'm still learning how to use it, hahah XD I've never owned a Mac before so it feels very strange!
So far I'm very pleased with it!

I'm 1 week behind with blogging, so these photos are from last weekend. I made a new tag to use on my photos because all my PS brushes are still on my old computer.

So last weekend me and Hyo met my brother and his girlfriend Agnes. We went to a Thai BBQ restaurant and later on we went to the pub.
This is what I wore that day:
Knit: Bik Bok / Jeans: Cheap Monday / Accessories: Vintage etc. 

 I used my new knit that I bought recently and tried a new hairstyle.

 Me and Hyo at the restaurant.

 My brother and Agnes <3

At the Pub
This is probably my favorite shot ^___^ Hot-Shot Galliano

Stay tuned~


  1. I'm so envious of your hair! It's so pretty~~ > o < ♥

    It kinda makes me miss my long hair, but I don't think I'll ever have my hair long again.
    Having short hair is way better for my poor neck~ <33

  2. Where did you find that beutiful wallpaper on your laptop? :) lovely blog!

  3. i like how you twirled the braid around for your hair, it looks like a flower~
    i've never seen the hot-shot galliano before but it looks good! mainly because i love whip cream lol

  4. My favorite shot too... Dad always makes those!

  5. Looking lovely as usual, m'dear! :) yay you have joined us Mac people!

  6. Congratulations on getting a Mac! ♥ Best computers ever, haha!
    The Thai bbq looks yummy.

  7. i like your hairstyle you look nice :)) following u on GFC>..i love what you cover..follow me back :)) have a nice day
    xoxo hanz

  8. Love your makeup in this look.
    Subtle shimmeryss :D

  9. I have the same artwork as one of my backgrounds too. haha


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