February 19, 2012

New Camera!

Hi all!
I have some reaaaally exciting news! I just bought a new camera! It's a Nikon D5100, so now I'll be able to take nice photos and make sooo much better video clips. Up until now I've only been using my cellphone camera because I think it's better than my old digital camera.

I'm really a beginner and I have so much to learn. I'm really excited about this and I actually don't know why I haven't thought of buying a real camera earlier. It's so much fun!

 Obligatory flower shot. I've been testing the camera out all day and this photo was my very first one.
I got these roses on Valentine's from Hyo.

And here's some accessories I bought this weekend. I'm really feeling inspired to wear spring wear soon!
 Bohemian feather hair clip.

 Rings attached! I love it!
 New pair of sunglasses.
And new earrings.

All things are about at the same store! They are from Glitter (Swedish accessory store).

I'm really looking forward to shoot more! <3


  1. ^^ I wanted to upgrade to this camera! It's really snazzy isn't it.

  2. Buying such Camera is the best thing to do EVER!
    Great News. you gonna love it.
    Bring it everywhere! 
    seems interesting with that external monitor.
    maybe you could make a camera review. I like to see more of the functions :)

  3. i have got the exact same camera :)
    and i loove it!! You'll have a lot of fun with this baby :3
    (i recommend buying a macro lens, like the NIKKOR 35mm one, it's really gooooooood! :) )

  4. I recently brought a Nikon camera, the J1. I'd been using my cellphone for ages too (We both have S2) but I felt it was lacking somewhat and a camera is always best. But the camera looks huge. Look forward to seeing more posts.

  5. I have the same one! I've been using it a lot and makes for a great camwhore camera because of the viewfinder that you can move around :D

  6. wow,love your camera..and the accessory you got really pretty and cute..

  7. Your camera takes such an amazing pictures!! I recently got a new one too, but yours is better than mine.. boohoo :D
    Congrats on your new camera! Take lots of pictures and post them for us to see... LOL!
    ..but is it just me or is that camera HUUUUGE?

  8. Ah, the pictures look SO much better! I can't wait to get a camera that has that camwhoring  part xD. I am really happy for you and your purchase <3!

  9. cameras really do make a huge difference. your camera looks perfect for blogging + making vids since you can move the lcd screen. it makes me want to invest in a new camera too ><
    nice haul~ i love those earrings! i can't wait for spring too!

  10. Aaw.These earrings look so good :)

  11. The photos of the Nikon D5100 looks great, I'm considering whether or not to upgrade my dslr at the moment, can't decide if I want another Canon or move to Nikon.
    Love the roses and your earrings too. x

  12. Wow, your new camera takes amazing photos! ♥ Is it easy to use?

  13. Gorgeous photos and items!
    I just made a post about my new camera equipment too haha

  14. Okay so I
    have been secretly following your blog for...quite a while now and I finally
    decided to leave a comment haha. First of all I would like to say I love your
    blog! I find it very inspiring and even though I don't personally know you in
    real life I find you as a person inspiring as well! You come off as such a kind
    person who knows her things about fashion as well so yeah I shall keep
    following your blog! Secondly I’m super jealous in a good way on your new
    camera though, I’ve been whining for a DSLR camera for so long now myself. I
    don’t know much about Nikon since I used to work for Canon but from what I can
    tell by your photo’s it makes excellent shots!



  15. You have got a brilliant blog! Great post too! Very inspired! You're pretty impressive! Looking forward to more posts and have a great weekend!!! :-) :-) :-)


  16. Mine is Canon 60D :D
    Your camera is smaller and I also love the pics you took ! :)


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