March 13, 2012

A Few Things

Hey lovelies!
So I have lot's of things to blog about, but this post is kind of random, sorry! I want to show you things I got recently, my Glossybox and what I've been doing.

So a few weeks ago I subscribed to Glossybox (Swedish version). Some of you my recognize the concept, it's basically a secret box containing make-up and skin care products that you receive every month. So, every month you get some gifts in a cute box! Great isn't it?
So I received mine a week ago!
 And this is what it contained~
 I'll make quick reviews on the products in another post.

A week ago I met up with my friends to hang out and this is my look from that day:
 When I don't wear hair extensions my hair looks so thin! That's why I usually wear it.

 Food we ate was really good!
My cute friends, Rebecca and Madlen.
 I really like this photo of Rebecca.

So that day we went shopping!
 I finally found a cute bag that I like! I'm usually sooo picky with bags, but I thought this one was really cute. It's from a Swedish store called Gina Tricote.
 I mean, look at the details!

Then I got a new concealer since I finished my last one (Max Factor) in once week! So crazy!
 Eazy Cover (Blue) by Make Up Store.

The way the sun shines through these trees is always so enchanting. I always want to take photos here.
I always pass these woods when going to work. I realized now that it really looks like I live on the country side, but I don't. We just have so much woods in Sweden.


  1. Seriöst Becci, du har så sjukt snygga ögonbryn, de dödar!

  2. I love your new bag!
    and I will be really interested in the oil control mattifier review! :D

  3. I can't wait to read your GlossyBox reviews ♥ & shush, you look gorgeous with exte or w/out!

  4. You look so glowing and beautiful! The bag looks great, I'd totally go for that too. The sunlight does look fairytale like...thanks for sharing! :)

  5. i didn't even know you wore extensions...i feel dumb now ._. but your hair doesn't look thin, it just looks smooth and shiny to me!
    that bag is a lovely color, it makes it look quite vintage. great buy :D

  6. U look so pretty ..& like the bag!

  7. Wow you look gorgeous even without false eyelashes and circle lenses! :)♥ 

  8. I just received my first Glossybox (blogged about it), and it was the special Harrods edition. I was quite pleased with mine. I know some people weren't though.

    I love the bag you bought, it's really cute!

  9. Aija_WanderHartjeMarch 16, 2012 at 2:19 AM

    You look gorgeous, extensions or not!
    That woodsy area is so enchanting looking ~

  10. your hair looks beautiful n.n i love your earring , and the food looks delicious xD

  11. I like your eye make up :) it really fits you ^-^

    if you like chec out my blog ;)

  12. I wish Glossybox shipped to Denmark :(
    Oh and that last picture looks truly amazing! I'm guessing sunset? :)

  13. I've been wanting to sign up for Glossybox since I saw some UK bloggers write about it! Too bad that they can't ship it from Sweden to Finland... :D But perhaps some day we'll be our very own one!

    The bag is such a cute one! Very nice quality and the details are nice :)


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