March 26, 2012

Just a Quick Update!

Hey lovelies!
I have quite a lot of photos to show you but I thought that since it's been almost a week since last update I wanted to post a few quick photos!
I've been really bad at keeping my promises lately. I've promised to make reviews on my Glossybox items, but some of the items I haven't really had time to use so I want to wait a little bit more, maybe a week before I make reviews. And also, feels weird since I'll probably get my next Glossybox this week >_< Sorry!

So, this is my look I wore to a home party a week ago. I parted my hair in the middle instead of from the side as I usually do. 
(Sorry, the photo is totally out of focus and shit)
I kinda like it! What do you guys think? The shirt is new too! It's from Monki  
My poor friend became a victim of my came-whoring. Sorry!
 A photo I really like from the home-party!

Here's what I wore the next day being very lazy and all. At least the sun was shining so I had a good reason to wear my new sunglasses! XD
And since it's really starting to get warmer here it's okay to wear shorts again, YAY!

How was your weekend?


  1. My weekend hasn't been that great. My stupid cold is back... T______________T

  2. Lovely outfit as always Becci! xx


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