April 1, 2012

Glossybox Sweden - February: Quick Review

Hey everyone!

I've been eating for so long to do this review, maybe a little to long since the new box is arriving next week. But I wanted to use some of the products first before I could do a fair review on them, especially the skin care products.

What is glossy box?

Basically, what Glossybox is, is a box containing selected make-up and skin care products that you can subscribe to. You will receive a box monthly. The boxes are usually themed and therefore the products are picked to match the theme. The products are a secret so you might get things you usually won't order, but get the chance to try. There's Glossybox in Australia, Britain, Sweden, you might find it in other countries that I don't know about. 
The Swedish Glossybox costs 139kr/month.

The box

February's box was themed with Valentine's Day so the box was in hot pink.

The package is really well-made and cute! I love it! 

Information about the theme and the products. I think the products are picked to suit my colors and my skin condition.

The Products

False Eye Lashes

 These false lashes are definitely on the shorter side and I'm really not a fan of these type of false lashes. I like my false lashes longer at the ends because I this it creates a cuter eye shape. These false lashes create a natural but full looking eye lashes, but don't create the cat-eye-shape that I want.

Becca Beach Tint - Fig

This one is a lip and cheek tint. Instead of using a blush or a lipstick you can use a tint for a natural and fresh look. I've been dying to try a product like this!
I find it very moisturizing and the color is really nice.
Although I wish it'd show up more on my skin tone. It's not as long lasting as I want it to be, so I'm not all pleased with it. But I think it's nice to put some of this on my cheeks before going to work without looking like I wear too much make-up. The color is really nice! But during the weekends I use it as a base before putting on some regular blush.

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner - Emeraldgreen

This might be the first green eyeliner I own. I know that green complements my brown eyes nicely, but I still haven't gotten any ideas of how to incorporate it into a look, any ideas? A colored eyeliner is bold, but done right is can look really hot!

The product it self is really nice and smooth and quite long lasting. The color is beautiful! 

Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15

This cream is suitable for those of you who have areas on your face that are too oily. I've tried it a couple of times and I must say that it does make a difference! Mainly my skin on my face is very dry, but areas like my forehead usually gets sooo oily, especially when I wear foundation. But when I wear this on my forehead before putting foundation I notice that the skin is not as oily as it usually are! Of course, the result is not perfect, but I'm happy that it makes a difference at all.

DR. BABOR Anti-Stress Cream

This cream is supposed to calm down your skin and restore the natural balance of your skin, especially redness on skin.

I must say that sooooo impressed by this product! My skin looks soooo much better when I'm using it! It's even better than my Lancôme Hydra Zen that I love. When I wear it my redness goes away, I don't get as much acne and the acne scars and other unevenness disappear faster! This is really one of the products from this months Glossybox that I definitely will repurchase!

Overall, I must say I'm quite pleased with february's Glossybox. I can't wait to get the next one!

If you have any questions about the products or Glossybox just leave a comment and I'll try my best to answer them as fast as possible.


  1. It's so cute! Pretty cheap too considering you get lots of products :)

  2. It looks like a good box :D

  3. oh you have glossybox too... i have the box since a half year and in germany its for one year now. but you have better products >.< here the box you don't get so much make up, more creams, shower gel, bodybutter and some more stuff like i wrote. i wish i could get eyelashes too T_T (sorry for bad english)


  4. i love glossybox! i'm jealous that you got the beach tint and the green eye liner, the eye liner i got was too light and didn't show up on my skin :/

  5. Everything in this glossy box I want! Would totally love to try the tint, eyeliner and mattifying day cream! Thanks for sharing, lovely photos!

  6. Really? :O But I think we don't get so much make-up either, but I don't mind getting skin care or hair care products :) I always have problem with my skin and hair anyways :P

  7. Me too! *__* I'm so happy that we just got it here in Sweden swell :3 What color did you get? Champagne?

  8. I'm very pleased with my box! <3 Thank you, I'm happy you enjoyed it! ^___^

  9. You're so lucky to have glossyboxes in sweden! We don't have those in Finland, and I'd really like to order those, since it seems like a good way to find new products..


  10. den där babor anti-stress verkar fantastiskt bra! du vet inte vart man kan köpa den online? jag kollade runt på babor.eu men hittar ingen info där... 

  11. Such a lovely gift box! xx

  12. Du kan köpa den här: http://www.babor.com/product/429800.html
    Förlåt för mitt sena svar! >_<

  13. I hope you'll get it too Finland too :( I'm so happy we just got it to Sweden.

  14. Try something like this:


    I think it'd look GORGEOUS with your eye and skin color. Plus... You have mad make-up skills so I'm sure you can make it work~!! ^^


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