May 13, 2012

Review: Geo Brown Circle Lens BC102

A few weeks ago I got these lenses from Since I haven't worn any circle lenses for a while and my make-up is leaning more towards the toned down style now I wanted some natural looking ones that would only slighty enlarge my eyes.

Brand: Geo Medical
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 38-42%
Diameter: 14.00mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Duration: 1 year disposable

 They arrived in a box like this.
 Before using them I checked the authenticity by scratching the gray part on the Geo sticker and check the code on the internet. I want to be extra careful since recently I've heard nightmare stories about people getting their eyes hurt of defect circle lenses.

 How they look like without any eye make-up.

 With eye make-up. 
I haven't done gyaru style eye make-up for a long time now and I was actually starting to miss it so I thought I'd wear it for this review.

 Left with lens, right without.

 Make-up without any circle lenses.


Comfort ★★★☆☆
Color ★★★★★
Looks ★★★★★
Enlargment ★★★☆☆

Overall thoughts:

My first thoughts goes to how mind blowing natural the look on my eyes! They are exactly as I want them to be: naturally enlarging. The down side is that they are not the most comfortable lenses out there, which makes me very sad since these lenses look so perfect. They are actually not the most uncomfortable lenses that I've tried either, but I wanted a pair of lenses that I don't have to bother with and just be able to wear casually. They might feel uncomfortable to me, but comfortable on someone else.

If you want circle lenses that are really natural looking I think these lenses are perfect for you. 

Find these lenses here!


  1. These lenses are really pretty <3 You look gorgeous, btw :D

  2. Which lower and upper lashes are you wearing? :)

  3. Wow, they look wonderful on You! So natural~ ^^*
    I really want natural looking brown lenses too, but that`s hard in my case, as I have green eyes... OTL But I`ll keep looking! ;DD

  4. awww i love this lenses because its so natural! 
    and you look sooo BEAUTIFUL!
    kiss and hug

  5. Great review! I've been on the look out for good brown lenses lately and these look like just what I need. <3

  6. Hejsan Becci! Jättefin blogg du har :3
    Jag har en liten fråga om UppCon och undrar om det är du som har hand om modevisningen i år igen? Om inte, vet du vem det är som har det? Tacksam för svar ^^

  7. Hej Amanda! Tack så mycket ^__^ Det är tyvärr inte jag som håller i den i år :O jag vet faktiskt inte vem det är som håller i den. :/

  8. Hey there! Thanks for the review, i was thinking about getting myself some circle lenses but most of them make me look like an alien even with the make up so i am glad you introduced them to me. 
    And by the way, amazing photos, which camera do you use and which lense?



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