May 30, 2012

Review: Silver Bracelet by

Hey lovelies!

So recently I got this gorgeous bracelet sponsored by in reviewing purpose.

Information about

Anjolee is a jewelry manufacture that carries bridal set ring, rings, diamond bracelet, bangle bracelet earrings, necklaces, and pendants and much more.

Anjolee offers the ability to customize your jewelry the way you want by choosing: Metal type, Total carat weight, Diamond quality, Item length. 

The Review
I think it's pretty neat that you're able to customize your jewelry as you want! I got to choose a jewelry to customize in order to review it. The jewelry I chose was Wavy Hood Link Diamond Tennis Bracelet. I customized it to be made of silver.

 The bracelet arrived in the white box in a wooden jewelry box.
 This varnished wooden jewelry box is so fancy!
My bracelet is in style SB939 Silver metal type with cz stones, 4.08 ct 7" length.
 What first caught my eyes was the locking ornament. It's hidden and it works just like an old style jewelry! I love it!

 I'm totally in love with this bracelet!

Here's me wearing it incorporated in an outfit that I wore for a picnic with my friend.

 I wore very simple make-up that day. I actually didn't have much time to get ready at all since I went to work that day.

Overall Impression
I'm so impressed by this company, they are very professional and the bracelet is just made of perfection! The shipping was very fast, it was safely shipped with Fedex. The bracelet has a stamp (925) telling that it's Sterling Silver. I'm super pleased with it!


  1. It's so pretty! Your pictures with with flowers are beautiful.

  2. stunning! the bracelet is simple but very beautiful~

  3. So simple but beautiful! This piece of jewellery will be timeless!! :D


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