June 5, 2012

Blue Skirt

Hey lovelies!

I've been so busy lately and I now realize that I'm at least a over a month late with my photos. To think positively, at least I have something to blog about! ^___^

So in April I met gorgeous Catze in Stockholm!
Chatted over a beer or two...

I had recently bought a new maxi transparent skirt that I used for the first time.
This was my outfit that day:

I love this skirt a lot! I'm gonna wear it a lot this summer, I'm sure :3

Stay tuned~


  1. Cute outfit!! I really love the vibrant blue color of your maxi skirt. ♥ I really need to go out and get one for myself~ :P

  2. It was sooo nice meeting you girl! ^___^ Just let me know when you're back again! <3

  3. Thanks sweetie! ^___^ I love the color trend! <3 you should!

  4. Love the skirt~ Blue looks very good on you~ o 3 o

  5. woooow! i love all your outfit!
    the skirt its fabolous! *-*
    kiss dear

  6. Thanks cutie! <3 ^___^ I'm happy you like it!


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