June 17, 2012

Hanami in Stockholm

Hey guys!
Today I want to post some photos that I took during the yearly Hanami that is held in Stockholm.
I went there a short while with my friends Catze and Amanda and I also bumped into many other friends there that went to the event.
 The Sakura flowers.

 My friend Andrea is so beautiful and talented, she sew this dress by herself!

 There were people selling Daifuku and Onigiri and other Japanese food.

 They even made the carrots in Sakura-flower-shape!
 I have such cool friends!
 Laura with her amazing hair.
 Laura's shoes.
 Cute Emi.
 This photo is taken by my friend Shila. I really like it!
 My outfit that day.

Stay tuned~


  1. it's funny to see a Japanese tradition being celebrated in Europe! and these white girls wearing Japanese clothes and drinking Japanese drinks ) looks very cute though :)

  2. You took some very beautiful photos, it looks like such a great event because there are many beautiful trees blooming (and food XD) Your friends' have such impressive hair, I want colored hair too haha! And your coat is very cute^^

  3. Wow you and your friends look awesome[omg I love their purple hair!] 

  4. Does Josefin have a blog I love her style! <3


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