June 24, 2012

On a Cruise

Hey guys!

A while ago I went with my mother, brother and friends on a cruise for partying. I took some photos and I think some of them turned out really cool!
 Agnes with one of those drinks with glowing ice cubes.
 Classy Amanda.
 One of my drinks, I think it was mango daiquiri.
 Me making a silly pose..
 They had some cool stuff at the Duty Free. 
Juice Couture

Stay tuned!


  1. oooh delicious!!! 
    and you are sooo beautful always!!!KISS DEAR!

  2. Wow those glowing ice cubes look amazing! o_O

  3. My dream, how I wish I could do a cruise. And is because I live in Cozumel most of my time :(

    I want to be tourist!
    I'm happy for your post!!

  4. You are pretty !


  5. I have that Juicy Couture perfume, it's very lovely!

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