August 13, 2012

Olso Meet-Up Summer 2012

Hey everyone!
It's been quite a while since my last update. My summer has been busy but also fun so now I have so many photos to post here.

A few weeks ago me and Hyo went to a gyaru meet-up arranged by Couture Gals in Oslo (Norway). Since I took so many photos I decided to do a MASSIVE photo blogpost!

 My look of the day
 Acrylic nails made by me.
 My make-up.
 My outfit.

 Off to the Meet-up!
Us walking in Monicas neighborhood heading towards the trams.

Cool Hyo

 Cute Maria (Mii).
 Monica doing a last minute lash fix-up.
 Cuties in the sun. Marita and Maria.

At the Restaurant
 We met up with the other guys at a restaurant to have lunch together.
This is my Pasta alla Carbonara.

 Erlend being extremely kawaii and all XD
 Reserved for Tang.
 Lovely Imke caught off-guard.
 Sascha and Alexander.
 Scarlet and Eivind, such a cute couple! 
 Seike and Daniel.
Hyo thought he looked like and asian version of Skrillex with that hair, but I really like it! ^__^

 Daniel has really cool style.

 Cute Laura

 Lydia in the sun, she's always so cute!

Picnic in the Park

 Jojo and Sascha are so cute together!
 Johan and Rikku 

  Me enjoying the picnic.

 Couture Gals members comparing their mirrors.

 Lovely Eilish.
 Monica is stunning as always.
 Details on Scarlet's and Monica's outfits.

No meet-up without an epic group, huh? :) 

At the Pizza Restaurant

 Hyo waiting for pizza.
 Our delicious pizza!
 Lydia enjoying her first piece of pizza.
Good-bye Olso for now.

This meet-up was beyond epic! I had so much fun meeting everyone!
I miss you all so much 


  1. Awh looks as if you had an amazing time! I love your eye make ^^

  2. Wow that looks awesome and everyone looks so beautiful~ Love your skirt :D

  3. You all look stunning! Och du tar galet fina bilder må jag säga :D

  4. Aw you are so cute/beautiful and I love the picture you take! <3

  5. everyone has such a cool style *-*
    it looked like a lot of fun! that pizza is making me hungry...

  6. It looks like a really cool meetup with many things to do and everyone looks great, especially the guys I am impressed by their styles. I like the nails you made, they went perfectly with your outfit!

  7. lovely are so pretty

    xoxo Wengie

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