June 30, 2013

Update! - Job and Visa in S. Korea

Hi everyone!

IT'S BEEN A WHILE! O__O I'm been soooo lazy and for some reason I haven't had any inspiration to blog at all. Maybe it's just me being very lazy.

So lots of things has happened since last time I blogged. I'm still in S.Korea! I was going to go home in May, but I got a job and now I have a visa for a year! Crazy!
Me in Bukcheon Hanok Village

I officially live in Korea now!^^

My Alien Registration Card.
Kids at my school. This girl made a drawing of me teaching.
I'm going to try my best to start blogging again because I really like it and because I want to share my experiences here in Korea. 

Stay Tuned!


  1. I hope you'll have a wonderful time in Korea while you're there~ ^^
    I have really missed reading blog-posts from you by the way. ó 3 ò
    And also, I miss you~~ ; _ ;

  2. Wow cool! Look forward to your future posts

  3. That is so exciting!! Looking forward to more posts about your life in Korea!

  4. Åh vad kul att du ska blogga om ditt liv i Korea! Ser fram emot det ^^

  5. Hihi, ska försöka bli mer aktiv här! :) Kul att du vill läsa <3

  6. I'm gonna try to do my best to get better at blogging! I'm happy you wanna read my blog :)

  7. I'm happy you wanna read my blog!^^

  8. Thank you, Malin! <3 I'm happy you wanna read my blog :) I miss you too!

  9. Coolt! Vad jobbar du som där? Och kan du koreanska?

  10. Cool! I'm looking forward to your posts. ^_^

  11. cool~
    you can or understand 한국어, maybe.... :p

    비 조심하세요~

  12. hi, how are you my dear friend?

  13. Hello again~
    Oh~I thought you were in Japan! haha
    Awesome, I live in Japan now but I thought about Korea too!
    Seems like you haven't updated recently but I hope you will, because your life seems really interesting!! Are there any gyaru type of girls in Korea? Lol


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